Pronghorn rear bumper is here!!!!!


That looks really nice. My ZJ cost less than the top spec bumper LOL. Seriously, aluminum modular construction makes so much sense.

Dan Grec

Expedition Leader
Cool. It would be great to see actual photos of it on a vehicle, and also the actual weight for each different config.

It sounds like they'll adapt this to the JL pretty soon, so it should be a big seller if it's lighter than the competition.



Design was just released. Production starts soon. Will be the first run on production no picture yet because technically it does not exist as of today. But soon hopefully very soon..


I wish these guys the best...but...
I remember them at an Expo 4+(?) Yrs ago debuting their bumper and talking about all the other JK stuff that was going to come out (bumpers, sides, carriers, etc) and how things could get moved around. At the glacial pace they've released products, I'm glad I didn't go down this path. Having checked their website again, there are still no pictures and it has been over 2 months since they made an is not even clear if they mocked the units up...

looks like an interesting idea and would really like to see a different offering than the usual single arm....


I agree they are slow at getting things out. I been waiting a long time. But they are a 3 or so man company and I do have their front system and is really is great. The amount to design time spent on the drawing board made install easy. I talk to Tray the former owner and current head of design almost once a week. They have a lot of plans for great things just wish things would move a little faster.