Project Victory_Overland 08 LR3 Build Thread!

Selling my Tactical Rovers LR3/4 Rear swing out. Single side for the TR rear bumper. The carrier was never power coated so there is a bit of surface rust but otherwise in perfect working order. I am selling because I am fabricating a custom carrier that extends across the entire bumper and do not need this anymore.

Sells for $560 from TR new; asking $360!

All hardware is included that came with the carrier. I have the brand new gas strut for it as well that I never used (comes with, just not in the picture).

Located in Oceanside, CA but I can deliver to Orange County or Riverside/San Bernardino this week if needed as I will up there for work.

Pick-up or local area meet up only as I am not willing to go through the shipping process.

$360 O.B.O.

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From the TR Site!
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I'm finally done with all of the platform leg clevis's and the parts have arrived. Finally finished up the clevis mount brackets for my adjustable arms for the sleeping platform. Picked up these ATV billet and anodized tie-rods on Amazon for dirt cheap and they are perfect for this application and far stronger than I'll ever need; the best part is they are completely adjustable to I level it and install the hardware and donski! Eventually I'll pick up quick-release pins for the bottom to allow for easy removal with two pins and three screws.

The marine door will be for the storage cubby on the driver side forward platform but that's going to have to wait until after the upcoming work trip; I have to route out and recess the door in the platform so it's going to take a bit of time for the template. If it all goes well, I may add one more on the passenger side to access the fresh water tank and electrical whenever I get around to starting that project.

Stuck with the same self-tapping screws for install.

Installed and leveled. Again, eventually the bottom bolts will get replaced with quick-release pins and I am considering a clevis bracket with quick release pin on the hard-mounted screw side to make this a tool-free remove/install.

The lower mounting plates and clevis mounts are off-set to allow for the additional mounting of the interior fresh-water tank brackets; once wiring is complete on the power distribution panel (PDP), I'll be able to start on the water tank.

Finally, the first West Coast sunset from the sleeping platform!
Nice, what are your plans for water?
I plan to build a tray and use a dual valve through the floorboard drain for potential spill. Gonna be a while before that happens but I'll try and get the biggest fresh water tank where the 2nd row passenger seat used to be and it will be for fresh water and shower all in one. Outside of the tray/pan I make or able to buy, everything will be common off the shelf purchases with a marine water pump and blah blah.
Finally put the cubby door in over the 2nd row passenger seat that stays in and folded down. Still have to add the bottom and silicon seal it but you see the concept; extra 2.5 sqft of cubby storage. Someday I might go buy a recess router bit and flush mount it but to be honest, the sleeping mattress doesn't now the difference when its laid out on top.

Another piece of kit showed up for the new dual swing-out I am fabbing up for my TR bumper! Still waiting on the propane tank and wheel studs to show up for the spare wheel mounts. Bought this dual Scepter from CBI; yeah, I know, Toyota kit but these guys makes some nice ****** stuff and I'm all about building modular kit that reputable off-the-shelf parts are able to bolt onto.


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Putting some feelers out before I publish on the CLASSIFIEDS page but wanted to see if anyone is interested in the following items; hit me up direct on PM and we can discuss working out prices and link-up in SoCal. Have to move some of this stuff out of here cuz I am never putting Victory back to stock.......

All items will have to be West Coast pick-up unless you really want to pay the shipping costs.

2008 LR3:

1) JLR OEM LR3 Short 3/4 Roof Rails.
2) JLR OEM LR3 3rd Row Seat (TAN) w/brackets/carpet covers.
3) JLR OEM LR3 18" 10 Spoke Wheels w/Nitto Terra Grapplers (cupped pretty bad and plugged a few places but you could use them for a bit or I can remove them)
4) JLR OEM LR3 Side Skirts/Kick Plates (?), the plastic crap that is removed when sliders are
5) JLR OEM LR3 Center Console w/Tan leather/carpet trim (I installed a steel locker box).
6) JLR OEM LR3 Front & Rear Bumper Parking Sensor Harnesses w/Sensors.
7) WeatherTech Cargo MAT (Black)

8) *Maybe going to sell: JLR OEM LR3 Center 2nd Row Seat (Tan).

All parts are in USED Condition but I would say Excellent to Great Shape!

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Finally some progress on the dual swing-out.

Should be done next week; I'll drive it for a while and shake it out before it goes to powder coat in the event we need to make some modifications or adjustments.


1000lb TMR pintles on each side with Timken bearings and race.


The hole in the alignment plate will have a threaded nut welded on it for a locking T-Handle bolt that will go in for off-road use to ensure the latches can't release and to remove any possibility of vibration/movement.

Disregard the alignment; the bearings are not installed in the pintles so everything is just set on there right now for visual. Also the striker latches are not installed at this moment until we put the support brackets on them permanently.




Hey, before you finalize, consider this: When fussing around with some crap on mine couple yrs back I was trying to figure out a cool way to mount the High-lift back there ON one of the swing arms, laterally. Not standing up because then it would stick out past the roof and catch branches or garages, or whatever, plus laterally at the bumper level just helps with center of gravity.

It looked like I could pretty easily mount it (with welding) to the right hand swing.

Another idea was to have a couple sandwiched bridging ladders there between the hatch and spare tire. Having a 2nd fuel tank I don't care to use that space for jerry cans.

Just and idea and there are more of course, that could make that swing multi-purpose.
Hell yeah, I can't believe I didn't even think about my Hi-Lift; damn good catch. Shoot me a PM or a text with a chicken scratch design and I can get over this week and add it in there. I think I will have plenty of room. The Jerry's on the right are getting mounted there in a modular design that I can eventually remove the jerry can holder when I install the aux tank underneath the spare well. The plan is to have a plate of sorts on the left hand swing-out (Jerry side) that will allow for a number of components to directly connect to it as needed. The right side is spare only unless I find room for other stuff as it will still carry my Trasharoo and maybe an FR style tire ladder.

Curious to see your idea so send away; that includes anyone else with great ideas.
Posted these up on the CLASSIFIEDS Section. PM if any interest.

All in SoCal. Will to help with a meet up for a fellow club member as I did with the TR Swing-out. Can also coordinate pallet shipping if desired.

SOLD SOLD SOLD 1) LR3 18" 10 Spoke Wheels w/tires (Nitto Terra Grapplers 255 60/R18).

2) LR3 3rd Row Fold-Down Seat complete set in TAN
. $375 OBO
Excellent condition, no intent to every put this pack in. Hardware, covers, brackets, etc all included to convert your 5 seater to a 7 seater. Seats are folded and wrapped up for protection so I do not have pictures. Carpet and leather are in perfect condition! HEAVY! Stock Photo attached for reference.


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