Project Victory_Overland 08 LR3 Build Thread!


Good idea on looking into drilling drain holes and plugs. If I pull the front carpet completely out, I will surely do it. Of note, the seat bolt holes are definetely drain holes if left out. I have my back seat bolts out and I can hear and feel air flowing through them when I drive. I plan to seal them up when I put them back down after I plan out the custom brackets for the internal water tank, fridge, and sleeping platform mounts.
17" LR Factory Wheels on the Way

A special thanks to A.J.M. for gathering up my wheels and setting up UPS global shipping from the vacinity of Glasgow, Scotland to Kailua, Hawaii, U.S.A. The 5 x wheels are on the way and should be here next week. And so it begins!............





Just want to say I LOVE your build and the desire to keep the weight down while increasing interior space.

I'm doing almost the exact build with my 4th gen Explorer (which is very similar to the LR3/LR4). I've also removed the 3rd row, and plan on leaving 1 seat in the 2nd row, and building the platform to be flush with that seat.

Keep it up :bigok:
RoyJ, sorry for the late response, I've been international and now on the West Coast in SoCal for the next few months. I appreciate your following. I am learning from everyone else on here and putting it together my own way in hopes I can help others as I have been so nicely assisted on here.

If you are planning on doing seat/sleeping platform mods, I suggest looking into a fridge install first so you can build the platfrom around the second row fridge install. I have no idea how its done on an Explorer but I'm sure its similar. This is what my project is based off (Pict Attached) notice the fridge access second row from the front seats and flush with the sleeping platform. Best set up I've seen so far so I'm going this route, although different in many ways, the general idea is right here.


Keep following, lots to come in the coming weeks now that Victory is off the boat and in SoCal.



Just want to say I LOVE your build and the desire to keep the weight down while increasing interior space.

I'm doing almost the exact build with my 4th gen Explorer (which is very similar to the LR3/LR4). I've also removed the 3rd row, and plan on leaving 1 seat in the 2nd row, and building the platform to be flush with that seat.

Keep it up :bigok:
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Back on the Grid!

Aloha fellow ExpoNuts!

I'm back from my little overseas work trip and Victory and I have arrived in SoCal where the adventure begins. I am pretty busy these next few days with a quick trip to San Jose for my lady's job search and then back down to San Diego early next week to start the suspension refresh and 17" wheel install on Victory. Thank god I have a garage again.....hahaha :wings:

If all goes well, I'm going to try and get back up to NorCal on some of those epic adventures Zelatore and DiscoDavis have been so graciously poking me about.

I can't wait to get caught up on all the Expo threads I've been missing out on.


Any ideas what's in the box?

Oh snap! Look what the wind blew in!

Stoked to open this bad mamma jamma up and start my install! Anyone have any ideas what's in the box?

I've been quite busy the last few weeks so have not had time to post up my progress. Over the last few weeks, I have successfully rebuilt the front end with all new parts. Installed RRS control arms, fixed my exhaust manifold leaks, and installed the V6 brake kit to install the 17" Euro-spec Disco 3 wheels.

Thanks to JWestPro and DiscoDavis for the tips and hints!!!!!!! :smiley_drive::bowdown:

I posted up a manifold gasket thread in hopes it helps anyone out. The job is not too difficult, and I recommend doing it when the front suspension is already out. Each side takes about 45 min to 1 hour depending on skill and frustration level as long as the control arms are out of the way.

Yay, new front end, axle seals, and new rear swing arm bushings and links. The rear control arms were nice and tight, so I held off for now.
Out with the old!
2017-09-22 17.15.38.jpg
In with the new axle seals and inner/outer steering components!
2017-09-23 13.08.42.jpg
2017-09-24 10.38.34.jpg
Completely assembled.
2017-09-24 11.43.58.jpg
2017-09-24 11.44.13.jpg

I marked and reinstalled all camber bolts and links as they came out. I drove it to the alignment shop right after, and the guy said it came right in with two adjustments.

V6 brake install is next!
V6 Brake install

I finally got around to installing the V6 brake kit and 17" wheels today. I also ditched the spacers in the process. Zero contact or rubbing in full steering lock or full extension. Off-road test next week.

17" Euro-spec Disco 3 wheels (Thanks A.J.M.) and (5) five BFG KM2 265/70/r17
2017-11-03 11.05.50.jpg

V6 Caliper Carrier compared to V8 carrier. I am not sure on the exact difference but I feel it has to be a fairly small difference in width and depth; just enough to bring the caliper in enough. Side by side, I can't tell the difference and personally didn't want to measure. The part numbers jive.

Bought the carriers from LRDirect and they are Bearmach parts. They came with pins, boots, bolts, and grease.
Front: SEH500012
Qty 2 $77.14
Rear: SXP500013G
Qty 2 $64.74

V8 next to the V6 (Fronts)


Purchased the V6 Brake Kit from AB. OEM brake kit, however I wish I had purchased the EBC kit. The OEM has Ferodo discs and pads so they are quality as well but would like the performace of the EBC cross-drilled and slotted. Maybe when I burn these up! The AB kit came with everything I needed to include pad clips.

V8 next to the V6 (Fronts)
IMG_1046 2.jpg

Install and Fit Check
IMG_1732 2.jpg


Installed and clearance check at full extension. There is easily 1" clearance with this set up. Not sure yet on full compression but I am sure that an AC line relocation plan will be in the works at some point.
2017-11-03 10.48.21.jpg
1" or so clearance between the tire and upper control arm at full extension
2017-11-03 10.48.32 HDR.jpg
BFG KM2 265/70/r17
2017-11-03 09.42.15.jpg
2017-11-03 09.42.11.jpg


Looking good Eric.

There is roughly an inch of difference in tdv6 to v8 brake discs.
So the new carriers will be to move everything in an inch.

Quite a lot of us in the U.K. go the other way and bin the tdv6 carriers for the v8 ones for the upgrade in braking.
I have V8 rear carriers but 4 pot Brembos off a RRS supercharged.
how are you feeling about your breaking now?
I’ve been out in the desert now for about a week on the new set up and absolutely loving it. The 180 or so mile trip out up and over the mountains from San Diego over Alpine and down to Yuma, AZ gave me plenty of time to assess the decision. There are zero regrets and l don’t feel much of a difference. I’m fairly heavy with all of the kit and she handles well at highway speeds and tarmac PSI in the KM2s.

The last four days I’ve been on 90% dirt in the dunes, scrub desert, and up in the rocky areas of the mountains. I’ve been running at 29psi since getting here and the performance is excellent. Every area from dunes to moon dust to rock crawling and the ability to stay aired down with confidence is wonderful.

If I️ had another set of 17”, they would get KO2 and offload the 18”.

I’ll try and get more photos up but I’ve been driving mostly.