Project Velcro Sneakers: A Sportsmobile/MG Metalworks/UJOR build


Well, I'm pretty much done with the build. Just switched to summer tires - 285/75-18s. Just over 34" tall. I *might* add a winch, but this is pretty much the way she'll sit for awhile. I spent about 75 nights and 14000 miles (7000 miles on the MG/UJOR 4x4 swap)with her these past 10 months. Probably going to rent it out on outdoorsy this summer. Thought I would post a couple pics...

IMG_7186 by Steve Stewart, on Flickr

IMG_7187 by Steve Stewart, on Flickr
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What a great looking Van !!!!! and you used great products, yes I have my AARP Card also and would love to have your Van --never to OLD !!!!!


Thanks guys. I should be getting my AARP card any day now, so good to go!.

In all honesty, I guess it doesn't look like the retiree vehicle so much anymore. When I first got it, I could stealth camp in a city lot that has a bunch of ski club e350 passenger vans. Not so much now! I get lots (maybe too much) attention driving down the streets these days.