Project Time.. M101a1 picked up today


Not that I will be building a full blown expo trailer with it but more of an all purpose camping/hauling/utility trailer.

Crappy cell phone pics. Was dark when I got it home.

'65 model in really good shape. No rust, new tires, great tarp and bows, converted to 12 volts, no dents or bent panels.
It towed great at 65-70 with my Army green FJ Cruiser.
PO even through in the adjustable pintle hitch.

Not bad for $850



Awesome! Have fun with it. I have one to pull behind my FJ and think it's the perfect size

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Finally got around to starting on the project.
Removed and stored the sides, bows and cover.
I got most of the fabricating done on my RTT rack. I knew I wanted the option either using it at trailer height or up at roof height with the annex. I didn't want to travel with it at the roof height because of drag.
Raising the weight of the RTT straight up leads to all types of issues that I didn't want to deal with.....SO....I decided to have it sit in the middle of the box when lowered and then when raised it sits at the back.
I still have the gas-springs to add to it to assist in raising the unit.....but tilting it up to height is a whole lot easier than lifting it straight up.

Chris Cordes

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Seems like a fun build! I built one of these a long time ago and loved it. Ill be interested to see the final outcome with the RTT rack!



Not much progress but I did get the gas springs mounted.
They won't lift the tent this fast but will make it easy to raise.



Got a little more done on the trailer today.

LED tailights and rewired. Mil-spec stuff was still there and working but was really overkill.
New tailight buckets look like they where made for the trailer. Fit great.
Getting ready to paint RTT rack. RTT should be here before too long.



Fairly productive weekend.
I got the new axle mounted along with the FJ steelies and some freebie tires off my bosses FJ.
I may have gone overkill on the axle. I wanted to stay with the 3" tube so I went with the 5200# axle from southwest wheel.
Only a minor problem is the hub sticks out too far to fit the center caps on the wheels.
Next few minor things is to get the shock mounts done....maybe. Still up for debate on the actual need for them.
Also debating on taking a leaf out of the springs to drop it just a bit.....that may depend on how it is pulls and sits loaded.

Mark Harley

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Very nice looking axle swap.
Could you use shorter grease caps on the hub or a 1/4" spacer to fit the caps?

I used a 1/4" spacer on my 101A2 to make up for the thickness of the removed brake drum.
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Awesome thread. Sweet ideas. I am building an M101A1 out with an RTT but going a less imaginative way! I got questions though. What axle and length is that?How did you put the struts on the new axle?