Project Brooke: 1999 XJ


my new and to the point thread. (picture intensive...)

1999 Jeep XJ Cherokee SE
4.0l 6cyl mods include TB spacer, Bosch injectors
High Pinion Dana 30, 27 spline, open differential
Chrysler/Corp. 8.25, 29 spline, Trac-Lok
16" factory "Icon" rims wrapped in 235/70R16 Kumho's
pictures of when I got her

odometer says 307k, I started driving her around 280k they offered her to me for $1,000 at this time. Later the offer changed and she was mine for free.
the sticker on the rear window was eventually removed, the dvd player and bracket for the dvd deal (it was put on in 99 so its old technology...) were taken out, stock dome light put in place, need a new headliner and wiring for stock dome light bulbs, potential over head console down the line. under the hood light was removed, kept falling and draining the battery. the old ford starter solenoid on the firewall (passenger side) is for the spot lights.
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heated the flares and end caps with a heat gun.

lasted about a week in the AZ sun IMO its cheap, don't do it, it draws out the oils in the plastic thus drying it out, to much and you will turn your plastics brittle.
here is a list of stuff I had done in the first few months of owning her..
2 front hubs
2 front u-joints
all drive shaft u-joints front and rear
rotors, pads
drums, shoes
many, many, many oil changes
2 sets of spark plugs
4 cans of seafoam
2 distributor caps
2 distributor rotors
1 set of spark plug wires
3 bottles of PS fluid (damn leaks)
4 bottles of diff fluid
tranny filter (my effing dad the great mechanic he is never knew it had a tranny i did the first change of that...)
A/C compressor
A/C hose assembly
Fan clutch
countless air filters...
Starter solenoid
rear diff fluid plug
turn signal "flasher"
driver and passenger side motor mounts
krylon fusion'ed the flares, endcaps, grille, headlight bezels, ash trays, bedlined center console, cargo area plastic panels etc...
lots of my blood, and sweat... there may be more but it has been a long tough year.

old one came out easy. not really much to taking a starter off. two bolts a wire and a clip. the hardest part was getting the clip undone. it was one of the ones with the little red deal you slide out to unclip and the red deal was jammed in and as i suspected i broke it.

thats the clip. i unscrewed it and pulled it apart with needle nose. then it was simple to put it all together and voila!

random XJ i saw that night at the movies with my sister

parked in the very back of the parking lot so i could park next to this xj :) hilift jack on the front. stock bumper end caps and flares taken off.

and right before it rained.
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bout to load up some wood for an xmas bon fire out at my dads.

she needs a bath.

these got added to the wish list

Vision X tantrum LED rock lights..

small mod to the air vents, they had become worn down, so i took off the bezel, took the vents out of the bezel and added metal HVAC tape into the part it clips into to stiffen it up so the vents quit falling when I hit a bump. worked great.

installed front driveshaft, rebuilt the rear with my niece and dad

she loves working on the jeep with me and crawls under a chair or something on her back and goes look mommy im working like uncle cole! and, she told me she wants a jeep like mine when shes big like me :) we have ourselves a future jeep girl
she even got under there to help me install the rear (she just held the little ratchet while laying on the creeper...

lift note, ZJ OME coils instead of XJ ones. same thing, save 50 bucks and end up at about 3" of lift up front...

sorry these posts are kind of random, just bits of info I'm pulling from other threads :D
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got a build sheet from jeep. here we go...

Dear Colton:

Thank you for contacting the Jeep Customer Assistance Center in regards
to your 1999 Cherokee Sport.

We are pleased to provide vehicle build information per your request.

According to our records, your vehicle was equipped from the factory
with the following:

Sales Code Description
*M5 Cloth High-Back Bucket Seats
-AZ Agate
ADA Light Group
AHT Trailer Tow Group
APAS Monotone Paint
ARUP SE Decor Group
A20P 4.0L Engine(ERH)/4Sp Auto Trans(DGS
BASS 124 Amp Alternator
BCDS 500 Amp Maintenance Free Battery
BGAS Power Front Disc/Rear Drum Brakes
CADP High Back Bucket Seats
CBWP Highline Door Trim Panel
CDBS Reclining Front Seats
CFMS Rear Folding Seat
CGGS Traveling Inboard Seat Belt Buckle
CGWS Next Generation Front Air Bags**
CKAS Carpets - Floor and Cargo Area
CKNS Cargo Compartment Carpet
CKTS Cargo Tie Down Loops
CKXS Rear Back Panel Cut Away
CSRS Passenger Assist Handles
CSSS Illuminated Rear Assist Handles
CUFS Full Length Floor Console
DGB All 4-Speed Automatic Transmissions
DGSS 4-Speed Automatic AW4 Transmission
DHAP Lock-Up Torque Converter
DHNS Command-Trac Part Time 4WD System
DHSP Floor Mount Automatic Shift Lever
DJHS Dana M30/181MM Front Axle
DMDP 3.55 Rear Axle Ratio
DRAS Corporate 8.25 Rear Axle
DSA Anti-Spin Differential Rear Axle
EAAC All Engines
ERH 4.0L I6 Power Tech Engine
GBBS Tinted Windshield Glass
GCBS Front Door Tinted Glass
GEDS Tinted Rr Drs/Qtr/Liftgate Glass
GFAS Rear Window Defroster
GNAS Rear View Day/Night Mirror
GNCP Sun Visors w/Illum Vanity Mirrors
GTZP Manual Remote Mirrors
GVBC All Vehicles W/Power Mirrors
HAAP Air Conditioning
HGDS Deluxe Insulation Group
JAZP Analog Instrument Cluster
JBFP Instrument Panel Black Bezel
JCDS 100 MPH Primary Speedometer
JHAS Var Intermittent Windshield Wipers
JHBP Rear Window Wiper/Washer
JJBS Dual Note Electric Horns
JJJS 12V Auxiliary Power Outlet
LAJS Headlamps On Warning Chimes
LBBP Courtesy Lamps
LCDP Map/Dome Reading Lamps
LDAP Underhood Lamp
LDBP Cargo Compartment Lamp
LHDP Headlamp Off Time Delay
LMAS Halogen Headlamps
MBJP Black Front Bumper
MBKP Black Front Bumper End Caps
MBNP Black Rear Bumper
MBSP Black Rear Bumper End Caps
MCAS Front Bumper Guards
MFAP Black Headlamp Bezels
MFFP Black Grille
MHAS Black Windshield Moldings
MMCS Upper Door Frame Moldings
MMGS Belt Moldings
MMKS Body Color Drip Trough Molding
MNAS Black Door Handles
MNJP Black License Plate Brow
MUKS MOPAR Chrome Bodyside Molding
NAA Federal Emissions
NBKS EVAP Control System
NFAS 20 Gallon Fuel Tank
NHBP Auxiliary Transmission Oil Cooler
NHM Speed Control
NMCP Heavy Duty Engine Cooling
PEA Chili Pepper Red Pearl Coat
QEAS Chili Pepper Red
RAAC All Radio Equipped Vehicles
RAS AM/FM Cassette Radio
RCRP 4 Speakers
RDDP Fixed Long Mast Antenna
SBAS Power Rack and Pinion Steering
SCG Leather Wrapped Steering Wheel
SDAS Normal Duty Suspension
SHAS Front Stabilizer Bar
SHCS Front and Rear Stabilizer Bars
SUA Tilt Steering Column
TBB Full Size Spare Tire
TBLS Inside Mounted Spare Tire
TRL P225/75R15 Wrangler RT/S AT Tires
TZAP Goodyear Brand Tires
WJDP 15X7.0 Styled Steel Wheels
WKBP Matching Spare Wheel
WLYC All Steel Wheels
XCYS Delete Remote Start System
XJFS Tethered Fuel Filler Cap
XPFS Protective Coating and Remover
YAAS Build To U.S. Mkt. Specifications
YEP Manuf Statement of Origin

Thanks again for your email, Colton.



Customer Service Representative
Jeep Customer Assistance Center

few things to point out, it says sport, but mines an SE?
rear illuminated passanger assist handles? wth, i didnt know they had illuminated oh **** handles? how does that work, does anyone have pix of them?
also this reminded me. the icon rims i have are off of another jeep. as well as the radio. mine came with cassette only so my dad got the one with a cd player from my uncles 2000 xj, (rims too)


at this point i posted a TON of pics of the fender flare painting process but I will just pose results...
this first picture has been edited...i wanted to see what the front would look like if i was to send the bumpers out and get them powdercoated. will end up bed lining instead.

no bueno, looks like ill have to paint the grille and headlight bezels as well..
non-edited photos

pretty much that is most of what i have done up till now. from here I have a lot I need to do, I need to rebuild the motor, and suspension completely. I may hold off on the motor and continue to take preventative measures to prolong the life as much as I can and just replace sensors and such to keep it running well. It still runs strong it just has a few hiccups here and there, I may still pull the head and port match and polish it though. rear main seal needs replacing still as well. steering box needs to be rebuilt. front brake job. and I may end up lifting it finally just because I need to do a suspension overhaul anyways.

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Man, your dash looks so...sparse...without all the gauges. It sure does look a lot prettier with the freshened up plastic pieces.


I hate having the dummy gauges, so I will be getting Dash Command so I can monitor everything. It does look prettier with the freshened up flares, I will be bed lining them in the future though. along with the bumpers, grille and headlight bezels.

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On your bumpers are you looking to keep them totally stock or are you interested in an upgrade? Olympic makes a nice low profile front bumper with a receiver hitch built in, then you could get a carrier for a winch and have one winch to run both front and back (referring to your wheel winch thread). Then for a rear bumper Detours offroad makes a kit to adapt a swing out tire carrier to it. Thats actually on my wish list for my XJ. When I get mine I'm wanting to weld a little bit on it and add a jerry can holder and place to bolt on my hi lift.


I was thinking the same thing with the detours tailbone system. except I want two jerry cans on it and i can throw a hi lift on a cargo basket, I was thinking about the Detours Backbone for the front with their winch plate but I will take a looksie at the Olympic one, I want a front receiver hitch as well because A. the cargo options are greatly expanded and B. they really help tie the front end together.

does anyone know where I can look at specific TSB information for the 99 Cherokee? there are a few that seem like they would fit my issues with a random misfire and sticky throttle but I dont want to pay to view them. and sometimes dealerships give you a hassle with them...


Holy cow, I thought mine had a lot of miles. It must be nice to have an Arizona jeep though.
rolled over 325,000 few weeks ago! not bad for a little 99, and it runs super strong still. it is nice having an AZ XJ, noooo rust, no worries about snapping bolts off. love it.
I hear ya on the OME ZJ coils. I did the same thing and saved the same 50 bucks!
I actually heard that tip on here I believe. we will see, I would love OME but it is pricey on my budget so it will have to wait till I'm in the Air Force next year.

updates unclude, did the tranny fluid, shifts a lot smoother now which was an unexpected improvement, the fluid still looked decent and the filter which was the ORIGINAL from 99 was in immaculate condition. that was a shocker. filled her up with Mobil 1 synthetic multi vehicle formula Dexron III equiv. drained the T-Case and did put the same stuff back there, the fluid hadn't been changed in awhile and you could tell it was over due, good news is the oil didn't have any shavings in it, the pan on the tranny had some very minor sludge on the magnets but that was expected..

also, threw in a pioneer head unit. vast improvement over the stock stereo, even with stock speakers the difference is impressive.

picked up a roof rack, Olympic 4x4 top hat rack for an XJ used off a NAXJA member, had some issues with mounting just cause I am to stubborn for directions. but I figured it out and got her on with a little persuasion. looks more like an EXPO rig now, can't wait for the 3.5" lift and 31's.

^my niece testing it out, 34.5lb weight test lol. just got back from her birthday party. already 4 years old. growing up fast. I'm glad she likes helping me out with the XJ.

next on the list of to do's:
oil change in 1500 miles, slight tune up as well we will see. may end up doing the exhaust manifold at the same time.
throw fender flares back on
get tire mounted in place of the popped (unrepairable) tire I have so I can get my spare off. its a very old spare and driving around is chewing up the tread...
wire up the lights on the rack.
possibly install E-fan.
replace some bulbs (spot and interior[possible led?])
pick up new tow strap since old one broke on last camping trip.

and that's the immediate stuff. :snorkel: wish me luck!

Edit: not sure if I mentioned this before but I would like to keep it as a reminder, when I decide to install a snorkel I will need to use one off a diesel XJ from out of states since it mounts on the passenger side, to avoid my search light, otherwise if I don't want to do the work another search light will be mounted on the passenger side. we will see.

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priced out DDM HIDs and their H4 conversion for the XJ, looking at about 150 for everything I need so that gets added to the list as well as some LED interior bulbs.
anyone know of where I can find a complete list of sensors for a 99 XJ? all the ones for the motor, tranny, exhaust etc. o2, TPS, map, water temp, oil pressure, crank position..all of them, I want to replace a lot of them because Its getting to that point where they are slowly going out one by one so i need to price them all out... also for expo purposes I do want to eventually have an ammo can with the divider trays full of sensors all neatly labeled and stored in the rig for long trips...

as well, if anyone has a link to the different bulbs for my XJ, looking at replacing as many as I can with LED bulbs, dash, gauge cluster, center console, dome light, tail lights, blinker side markers, cargo area light....if I know the exact bulb each one takes it is easier to pick out which LED's I need...

Edit, looked at it again and talked to some people, HID's will only cost me about 35 bucks! just need H4 housings, maybe I can pick them up used for cheap, if not DDM sells the housings for 60 bucks a pair...
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Very nice XJ! I like that roof rack on there. It gives it a nice safari look. Now all you need is a zebra stripe paint job:sombrero: