Project Bird Hunter


Well, im New here. Ill start with a quick Before and Current and will dive in to details later. The idea behind this build is to build a mobile bird hunting rig that can get me anywhere with my 2 dogs and all my gear and a buddy and still get me to work 80 round trip miles a day.

99 XJ Sport. 4.0, AW4, NP231, D30 front Ford 8.8 rear,4.56's's, 4.5" Mis Match lift, 265/75/16 maxx's, 62mm TB, 784 Injectors, Homemade front bumper, Ares Fab Rear Cut n Fold, Nates 4x4 roof rack, Raingler Cargo Net and some other Doodads. Its a work in progress.
Current: 7 mile.jpg Before:stock.jpg
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Great rig. Love everything about it. Its funny how its sitting on 3.5" of lift and 31s look big, where on the wrangler, 33's look tiny. I guess its the wheel opening.

Great work on the bumpers too!


Great rig. Love everything about it. Its funny how its sitting on 3.5" of lift and 31s look big, where on the wrangler, 33's look tiny. I guess its the wheel opening.

Great work on the bumpers too!
In Photos the 31's look big, and in real life they look small haha, i think you are right, its the wheel well opening. Although fender trimming does help allot, that's my next warm day project, to make room for 285/75/16s


Ok, Lets get Started.
I brought this girl home for the price of $2,000 back in the Fall of 2014.
The owner thought something was wrong with the 4wd because it "popped" when in 4wd on pavement....well duh. I brought her home and did a complete fluids change from axle to axle. The Heater worked only marginally and smelled like antifreeze in the cab. She had worn out 31x10.5 BFG At's and a 2" budget boost with coil spacers and OME rear leafs and worn out shocks. I drove her like this through the winter before i divulged into doing the work.

First order of work was to do the H4/Putco headlight harness and relay upgrade. No pictures of this but was super easy. and the difference was much needed. My daily commute runs through a mule deer migration path and i commute in the dark.

2nd order was a Complete Tune up. I went with Champion Copper plugs. These 4.0's dont like the new iridium plugs.

3rd order was a winch bumper.
Off with the old:

On with the new:
going on.jpg

Then Some goodies went on:
62mm Throttle Body
62mm TB.jpg
Alternator and Battery Mains upgrade
Airaid Intake


These are the new Cooper Stt Pro's I bought them the month they were released(June 2015)
3.5 lift 2.jpgFB_IMG_1443415867122.jpg

Next Came a lift:
Tuff COuntry 3.5" EZ-Flex
3.5 lift.jpgLift on.jpgLCA.jpg
Having a Arizona jeep was sure nice, No Rust!!

Next came a winch:
Smittybilt XRC9500. the water resistant one:

Now for a roof rack!:

Nates 4x4 Rack. Great Quality, terrible customer service. Ended up waiting 4 months for some minor parts to show up.

Needed a rear bumper:
Ares Fab Cut N Fold rear bumper. I still need to do the actual cut n fold. Tried to paint it with the Rustoleum spray on bed liner...Junk. This will be getting re-done.


More bumper pics:
View attachment 318215 View attachment 318216

Needed a net to keep the dogs in the back. Bought a Raingler Mesh Net. I really like how these mount. very sturdy and i added additional mounts so i can move the net to behind the captains chairs if i put the bench seat down.


My 4wd club made a group purchase of Trasharoo Bags. They are intended to go over the spare tire like so:


Mine will just be stashed in the Roof Rack and taken down when needed.

I am now working on a rear cargo storage box and dog deck. I needed a place to secure my ammo cans a gear bags.
Using 1x10's for the base and will be using 1/2" plywood for the top with a piano hinge so
the deck lid will lift up and latch.
Rough Plans:


This weekend will be the install of my Brown Dog motor mounts and 784 injectors.


Autism Family Travellers!
I may have to bite the bullet and get those STT pros. They look great. only issue is I'm going to wear them out quick as I do do a lot of on road driving as well as off road!


As of right now, i would say i am doing 90% pavement driving. 80 miles a day. They are holding up great. Thats the joy of only having a 3500lb vehicle.


Autism Family Travellers!
yeah, my JK is not "that" heavy. I keep my stuff light to keep the gas milage. how many miles you have on them now? I have about 110,000kms on my BFG now, and they are holding up good.