Project "Autonomous" F-350


You could do like I do and store your pictures on your computer or and external hard drive, and then use the forum uploader to post them. That way as long as the forum is in existence, the pictures will be there.

Maybe this would also be a good time to ask Admin to enable the 'multiple picture posting feature' since posting them one at a time takes forever. The vBulletin software does have this feature, because I'm on another forum where it's enabled and I can upload as many as I want at the same time.
Thanks Pat, that's what I'm doing now. It will take a while to modify all my posts. :(


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I know, it sux, but I don't know what else to do at this point.

Maybe a road trip to Denver, CO, and a good old fashion wild west lynching is in order!


No problem, thanks for the input. Photobucket does not respond to any inquiry and I was unable to retrieve my galleries like they claim you can so I deleted everything from their site. I proceeded to try Flicker but I can never get the site to open. Anyone else having problems there? Is there a solution anywhere?

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Still unable to even load a page at Flicker. Been trying for a week????????????????????????????


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Still unable to even load a page at Flicker. Been trying for a week????????????????????????????
That's weird. I have gotten that page occasionally, but never more than a day when they were doing updates.... All my hosting is on Flickr

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Smugmug. Never had a problem and been using it for years. Yeah, it's a pay site, but it always works and they are quick to respond to any questions I have had.


In Tonopah, Nevada for a race. Saw this dilapidated cabin made from shipping containers. Can you make out what was inside? :Wow1:




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Cool thing about nevada is those cans were flattened and used for roofing and siding a lot, found the remains of a 30's sedan made into a pickup using those cans.


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Finally accumulated all the bits for the 'HobieDeck' experiment, but it will probably be December before I can get around to it.

/I always seem to finish the shade projects in the Winter.

But I think I need to get some 600D or 1000D fabric instead, to do it properly. That batch of fabric in the pic is 1.9oz ripstop. Slowly looking around for a metal geartrain old sewing machine too. My cheap consumer model won't take much use with the heavy material and webbing.

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