Project "Autonomous" F-350

What size AN fittings are you using on the oil cooler? I haven't found a heat sink cooler like those that are more than 3/8 or 1/4 inch NPT. My oil line will be either -10 or -12.

I actually know guys that are weekly scrounging salvage yards. If I need something I just let them know. Within a month I had two sets of brackets, pump, and bolts. I think I paid $100 for each setup.

Planning a group trip when weather gets better. I have a shopping list for the local Pull-A-Part. Going to gang up on several vehicles. Need LS motor and transmission cores also Ford front and rear axles. Need to take pics. Might be like monkeys and a football.

Awesome pics of KOH. It is one of the events we want to visit and camp.


After the storm last night a tree went down in the neighbors yard; took out the fence and the dogs ran off. It was an enormous yucca tree. I have no idea what it weighs. I went over with the Warn M10000 to see if I could help. It took some work to drag the thing, ended up using a double line pull with a snatch block. I don't get to use my Warn Winch too often but glad I always have it and their winch accessories too. It was really tough cutting through the fibrous trunk of the tree. Especially since it was fully saturated.



You have time to play with downed trees but not work on the camper, what a slacker:D
I didn't have time for that either but you have to make time for friends and neighbors. The heavy winching blew my breaker between the alternator and battery. On closer inspection, the breaker feels like it's full of dirt. I purchased a better one that is waterproof; hopefully that fixes it. I had a catastrophic failure to my CTEK D250S a couple weeks ago also. Not sure what happened there. Luckily I was able to recover my Odyssey agm batteries, that would have been costly. I've been happy with the CTEK but I was really surprised when they were not interested in my tale of driving for 400 miles with no alternator and my solar panel charging the battery.
power steering pumps:

im experimenting with a parker gerotor hydraulic pump. replacing my ford vane pump.

its a stupid simple bolt in project using the ford cast alum bracket.
im converting from vacuum to hydro at the same time
let you guys know how well it works


Got my alternator fixed today. The heavy winching I did drained the battery and toasted my alternator. I had bought the 90 amp alternator last time as I figured I had assist from the solar. Now that my CTEK is down, I got a 140 amp alternator instead. Autozone doesn't list a 140 for the F350 so you have to be creative. There is an application for a small housing 140 amp that if I remember is for a taurus SHO. You can go that route or do what I do, get a 140 for a 92 E350 and swap the front half of the case with a small bolt circle case. That way you get a 140 with the smaller bolt circle. Not sure if I'm making sense, it's been a long day after a long weekend.

I went down to the LeDuc swap meet. Move in is on Saturday and a ton of sales happen before the meet even opens to the public on Sunday morning. I took Andy's Bronco down with a trailer full of stuff from the shop. Spent the night in the back of the bronco, not fun when you are 6'4. Then got rained on Sunday but made some money on used/old parts and made a single purchase. I bought a sway bar with the ends (similar to the photo below); exactly what I need for the Uhaul and it only cost $45.

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Sweet setup with the alternators. I made a tray and was able to put a group 31 battery on my work truck. It's very large- but jumping my combine last harvest season revealed to me that I need more charging ability. I'm going to have to look hard at what you've done here.
140 to 160 amps is about the max the factory belt width can handle, anything above that the belt losses traction. About the only thing to go on these is the brush holder regulator and the bearings.


140 to 160 amps is about the max the factory belt width can handle, anything above that the belt losses traction. About the only thing to go on these is the brush holder regulator and the bearings.
Fascinating. I have issues with alternators and the idler pulley because of all the silt I am in while shooting photos.

Awesome pictures. Talk to the guys about a dry lube. Any of the typical wet lubes will attract dust. Using dry lube on the bearings that are exposed to the dust and silt will allow the dust to just fall off instead of getting blended into the lube.

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