Project "Autonomous" F-350


Stood in the pouring rain all day on Saturday. Soaked through multiple water proof? layers. Sunday was blue skies and gorgeous. The lake bed was greasy. Had fun drifting around in 2WD. It's amazing where this truck will go in 2WD. Then did some 4low, 1st gear rock crawling to get to the canyon I was shooting, but nothing like the competitors saw.


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Yep, one man's trash is another man's treasure! (y)

I'm looking for a Warn 12,000 lb. or larger rated winch myself. I found a pristine M12 for $300.00 on my local FB Marketplace (no shipping required) about 2:00 am, so I waited until the next morning to contact the seller. He finally replied about 11:00 am and said someone was coming to look at it in the next two to three hours, but if they passed on it he would let me know. I told him I definitely wanted it and had cash in hand waiting to buy. So I sat all afternoon camped out on my computer, with $300.00 in my pocket, waiting. I finally get a message from him about 7:00 pm stating it was sold, but he forgot to let me know. I feel like I was robbed! :cautious:

I've been looking for a month and that was the only good hit I've had , so I'm thinking I'm just going ahead and buying a new winch and getting the exact model I want, which is the Warn 95960 ZEON Platinum 12-S Winch with wireless remote control. I just turned 65 y/o, so I'm calling it my birthday present to myself! :giggle: Come on tax return!