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yep, plus add in the difficulties, logistics of importing anything automotive to North America. There are lot of lucrative markets way easier to access. That said North America might be a very profitable market long term but I'll bet the price goes up 50% by the time it gets here.
If your lucky enough to get one from manuf, I bet secondary market these things are going to go through the roof....
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I've been trying to find estimated production numbers for the Grenadier - does anyone have any confirmed numbers of how many they're aiming to build each year?

I think it will be a great platform, but if they're only going to build 5k a year I don't see the aftermarket going out out of their way to design products for them.


29,000 according to what I was told today. The US market will receive 1/3 of that number.


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5k is the US allotment I believe. Think about how much hes fronted, and 5000 with people buying spendy options up to 80,000 average is only 400 million USD gross.


29,000 according to what I was told today. The US market will receive 1/3 of that number.

small bird told me they were targeting 50k annual with 30% of them BEV by MY2025. That is a big number considering the "original" Defender sold the most in 1997 at 39K units. Last few years of production they were sub 10K units annual.


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Thought I heard that Magna is building them. Lots cheaper to hire a factory than build a factory.

Correct - they took over a Mercedes factory in Hambach that was used to build the Smart Car. So, they had a pretty experienced workforce and a nearly state-of-the-art facility ready to go. The partnership with Magna on the design and construction side aligns as Magna and Mercedes do the G-Wagen. It would have been ego/pride over good business sense to not take advantage of the opportunity that the factory represented I think.
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