ProComp Xtreme Alloys 7089


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I am wondering if these will fit my '01 DC Taco.

I am running 255/85's on the stock rims, and was wondering if anyone else was running these wheels on a '01-'04 Taco they are 16X8, 6 ON 4.5; 4.5 BS.

I think I need more of a 4 BS...but I do not know diddly squat about wheels.

Any input?


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I was contemplating those as well when I recently bought the teflons. My AR chambers are also 16x8 with 4.5" backspacing. But the lug pattern you need is 6 on 5.5". can be pretty lame and so are most of their employees. Tell them what you need which is 16x8, 6 on 5.5" bolt pattern. I think the only bs it comes in is 4.5" which will be fine.

The lesser the backspacing the more your wheels will stick out (wider stance). I think the stock backspacing is 4.5" or 4 5/8"


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Yeah, that was a typeo.

Here are the Specs:
  • Series 7089
  • Size: 16 x 8
  • Bolt Pattern: 6-5.5
  • Back Spacing: 4.5
  • Finish: Black (flat) Painted
  • Offset:4.5"
  • Load Rating: 2200

On TTORA they are saying if it is more than 4" BS their might be fittment problems, but if stock is 4.5" BS, why not stay 4.5" BS?


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They do look like nice wheels, just not too sure on the ProComp brand...

I think they are owned by 4 Wheel Parts Wholesalers, and we all know their reputation (some even already made it's way into this thread.)

Any thoughts on this other than they look good?


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ProComp has a pretty bad reputation, but I'm really not sure how much of it is earned, how much of it is shared dislike for 4Wheel Parts, and how much of it is typical Internet hate mail. From what I understand 4Wheel Parts is the largest distributor, but nothing more. The tires are made by Cooper, but it is possible they are designed/spec'd by ProComp. I would guess that the wheels are made elsewhere too, though I have nothing to back that up, and I am not suggesting that is a bad thing.


As to quality, I can't say, but some of the tire shops around here have had problems getting thier hands on wheels all together. I was told some of their wheels would not fit the Taco, due to caliper interference.
I know I tried about 4 different stlyes till I found something that seated correctly on the rim. I know some forums recommend just grinding the caliper to fit, but I wasn't real keen on that idea.