Pro-4X Build Thread


I have not had any contact with the UCA. The ride is very nice and I would recommend the OME lift to anybody.


Here are some photos of my Rigid Industries 10" LED Light Bars. I got an excellent deal on them and installed them in the opening of the bumper.

Lights out.

Low beams only.

Low beams and fog lights.

High beams only.

High beams and two Rigid Industries 10" spot LED light bars.

More pictures.

The ScanGauge II is mounted just below the heater controls.

Here are some switches for controlling accessories.

I found the LED illuminated rocker switches and mounting panel on ebay. The first switch controls the front facing LEDs, the middle is onboard air, and the last one is not attached to anything yet...but will control a aux backup/camping light.


Here are some more pictures that I snapped over the weekend.

This is the Nissan sliding toolbox. I raised it 3" above the normal height to get some clearance under it for skis, lumber, air tank, etc. The lid is slightly open, when it is closed, it seals nicely and keeps the elements out.

Close up of the air tank. 2.5 gallon, 200 psi rated.

Close up of the toolbox fuse box. The power cables are 2ga and run to the battery. I'd like dual batteries eventually.
Currently there is only the compressor hooked up, but there will be stuff in the future. I am just not sure what yet.

Here is my Viair 380C compressor. It puts out a decent amount of air and is good up to 200 psi. I also have it plumbed to my airhorn.

50' of airline connected to an ARB inflator. I highly recommend the inflator. ARB Tire Inflator with Gauge - Sierra Expeditions

The ARB rear bumper is working great. I get a lot of complements on it.

Aux backup light. It is connected to the 7-pin trailer harness.

I relocated the trailer plug to be hidden behind the bumper.

The power cables are routed along the passenger side rock sliders. They are held in place using the factory mounts for the step bars and some metal brackets/u-bolts. All the wires are running in separate heavy duty rubber garden hoses.

And they all end in the engine compartment. In the lower left corner, you can see the 100 amp circuit breaker. The blue line is compressed air to the horn.

Horn and lights in the front grill.

I am always the driver and figured I could use a bit more room. I took out the back seat behind the driver and mounted a storage crate there instead. It is bolted down using the factory seat bolts. Also notice the flashlight attached to the crate with Quick Fists.

The stock storage container is held in place with friction, but can be pulled out easily.

The passenger rear seat has the child seat extension.

Not anymore. I swapped the lower seat components.


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Build looks good thus far. I like the location of your 200psi air tank. Keep the updates rollin' :smiley_drive:


New front bumper

As luck would have it, Hefty Fab Works needed a Frontier to mock up for a new bumper. And I happened to be traveling the week when they wanted the truck, so I have a new bumper now.

This is just a teaser photo from my phone. I'll snap some with my camera after I get the bumper painted.



The bumper is made out of 3/16 plate steel. The overall build quality is amazing. If I decide down the road to do a 2" body lift, all I need to do is unbolt the bumper and move it up a notch. Forward thinking on the designers part.

The factory fog lights are retained. Also, the mounting locations for a winch are included.


Hefty has been all over NewX since they built a bumper for hagausaf. They've got a group buy going on for 2nd Gen Xterras on front and rear bumpers. Their response and participation in the forum has been top notch. Pricing is in line with the other folks out there, they've got some design elements (the step back right next to the grill, the way the guards are cut) that make their bumpers stand out from the crowd, and delivery times are certainly acceptable for custom stuff.


Well, I finally got around to painting the bumper and reattaching my lights. It is currently just rattle canned because I plan on Line-Xing the bumper, fenders, part of the hood, rocker panels and rear bumper.

The Hefty Fabworks bumper is awesome. The lines match the factory ones very nicely. It weighs in at 127 pounds and the lower skid is about 32. The lower skid includes a oil filter access panel. Everything is made out of 3/16" steel.

I would recommend Hefty to anybody who is looking for a bumper.
Hefty Fabworks

The light cutouts are designed for the factory fog lights, but I am sure that others would fit with a bit of custom work.

The bumper is drilled and tapped for a front license plate. I attached my Rigid Industries to the top of the bumper by just drilling through it. Nothing special.



Here are a couple daylight photos of the bumper. The other ones were from 0'dark thirty before work.