Price range on a 4x4 Conversion for a 96 E350?


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$15-20k for a conversion done by one of the "main" converters (U-joint, etc.).
All things considered that’s not bad considering everything is new/rebuilt vs $12,800 ish for DIY with junk yard parts.

That said... it’s about 15-20 more than I have to put into a vehicle. Which factors into my decision to stay 2WD and keep my 4x4 Fj40. Even the most tricked out van wouldn’t be able to follow it in the bush in these parts. If I added air lockers, it wouldn’t even be fair to try.

Some would say I could sell the 40 to finance the conversion... but if you’ve ever owned one... you’d understand why I’ll not sell mine after 28+ years of ownership. It’s going to need a bit more work... but it passed being irreplaceable more than 20 years ago... and as it slowly comes closer to completion it’d be impossible to build another like it.

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Agreed, I Iooked at converting my 2001 E-350 SD Chinook to 4x4. Using a F-350 donor vehicle and local shop was $12k, with end cost probably more and questionable drivability. Reputable and well known shops to this forum quoted low to mid 20's for proper conversion.

End of day I opted for lift, beefed up suspension, better tires and recovery gear. Really haven't seen need to have 4x4 yet but due to rigs size I can only get into so much trouble.
THis is my main worry if I were to make the switch to an extended E350 4x4.

I currently have a 2005 tundra. According to the specs the length and width are exactly the same.

From your experience is it hard to maneuever the E350 in trails?

I think my Tundra is the perfect size since I just go on moderate trails


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From your experience is it hard to maneuever the E350 in trails?
My rig is 21' long and 9'5 high. I live on east coast so I limit my off road to FS/dirt roads and the like. The Chinook is very agile for it's size but biggest issue is simply it size, more so height than width, length not a problem. and clearance issues were fixed with lift etc. In the east we have low forested canopy and that is biggest limiting factor. There are crazy windy dirt roads in Wilderness areas that I avoid since it would be close to impossible passing someone, but I rarely go deep if I have not been down area with my Jeep to know what to expect.

I do not go "mudding" or go to crazy areas but my set up has been very effective and lift gets me to where I need to go. My goals are simply to find backcountry boonedocking spots to get me close to fishing rivers/streams.
Cherokee, nice list. I am scared to add mine up and I'm not done.

After looking at the prices to have a van built I opted for DIY. Very affordable and straight forward if you are capable, have a work space, basic common tools and some air tools (a helper is nice too). MG conversion is what I used from Expo Vans, it is very well laid out, straight forward and the resources here and elsewhere are very very helpful. I converted and E150/5.4 I have owned for years, should have done it years ago. I don't plan on any wild and crazy off-road rock crawls but like 69Camaro I want to get to the streams wherever they are.