Price range on a 4x4 Conversion for a 96 E350?


Expedition Leader
$15-20k for a conversion done by one of the "main" converters (U-joint, etc.).
All things considered that’s not bad considering everything is new/rebuilt vs $12,800 ish for DIY with junk yard parts.

That said... it’s about 15-20 more than I have to put into a vehicle. Which factors into my decision to stay 2WD and keep my 4x4 Fj40. Even the most tricked out van wouldn’t be able to follow it in the bush in these parts. If I added air lockers, it wouldn’t even be fair to try.

Some would say I could sell the 40 to finance the conversion... but if you’ve ever owned one... you’d understand why I’ll not sell mine after 28+ years of ownership. It’s going to need a bit more work... but it passed being irreplaceable more than 20 years ago... and as it slowly comes closer to completion it’d be impossible to build another like it.

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