Price Range - looking at buying 87 Skamp popup


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Good morning,

I'm looking at an 87 Skamp pop top for sale in my area, it's for a smaller truck (tacoma).
I've only seen photos but it seems in good condition for it's age.

The fellow is asking 6k (I'm in Cananda)
What's the going price on these units? Is this price a fair price given the good condition..
I know it's a wooden unit. I'm not overly concerned about that.

I do not see these units very often here in Western Canada, when I do they seem to have been quite abused and run down.$_59.JPG

Thanks guys,
Have a good day!


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Quite high. I paid $3300 for a 95 Northstar TS1000 9 yrs ago in pretty good condition. Around here that would be selling for $2000-2500


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how are those palamino I've heard nothing but bad about them.
There is actually one here a 2015 model for 13000 CAD.


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Way too much for that year, no matter the condition. Paid $1100 for an 88 SunLIte that was in perfect condition. Keep looking or try to talk him down to less than $2000.


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thanks guys for the feedback.
I am going to continue to look!

-NivekD, I'd like to see a few photos of your setup if you don't mind.

Tony Puyot

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I got mine for $1000 but it was needing some work. I'm so glad I got it, I have made a number of modifications that work for me.


Way too much. I overpaid at 2500 because of lack of offerings in Alberta. In fact me and another member ended up looking at the same unit. Also a 30 year old Starcraft. It needed significant work. I am into it for 3500 with new canvas, fantastic fan, and some roof repair.

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