Price Drop - 1995 Toyota Hiace Super Custom "Living Saloon"


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For sale by private owner.
Asking $17,5000.
Located in Santa Fe, NM
Currently showing about 211,000KM/roughly 130,000 miles.

I imported this 4wd, 3.0L turbodiesel Hiace from Japan using a reputable broker, JDM Offroad in Washington, in April of 2021, and have put nearly 10,000 worry free miles on it since. I have really loved owning this car, but my vehicle needs have changed and I need a truck. I've had a considerable amount of maintenance done by professional Toyota specialists since I bought it. If you're considering import of one of these interesting little vans, this one's worth a look—I can promise you from experience it's easier to buy one that's already in the states with a clean bill of health and title in hand.

Full Craiglist ad with photos and detailed description here:

Please let me know if you have any questions, or let me know if this ad is not written in an approved format for this forum.

**Update asking $16,500 for forum members**
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Please let me know if you have any questions, or let me know if this ad is not written in an approved format for this forum.
Sounds like a nice, capable rig. Welcome to the forum.

Since you asked…

Some of us prefer it if folks linking to CL ads would take a moment and post their full ad here on Expo.

Reason? CL ads expire and disappear. Some of us like to have FSBO ads “archived” here in full for use as later comps and to keep an eye on the used market in general, FWIW.

Thx for asking, btw (that was impressively classy!) and GLWTS👍🏻


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Update below with full ad from Craigslist.

For sale is my 1995 Toyota Hiace with a 3.0L turbodiesel and full time 4wd. I imported this vehicle from Japan using a reputable broker, JDM Offroad in Washington, in April of 2021, and have put nearly 10,000 worry free miles on it since. Life changes dictate a sale of this well taken care of and reliable little camper van. This van is located in Santa Fe, NM, but will be in Denver/Boulder on 4/28-51, as well as 5/23-5/25, if you'd like to see it in person. Delivery possible if we work out a deal.

If you've been looking for a Hiace or Mitsubishi Delica, let me tell you this— unlike vehicles yet to hit the shore, this van is titled, registered, insured, and has been looked after and worked on by both Toyotec and Aztec Automotive, a Land Cruiser specialist in Santa Fe. I cannot overstate how valuable it is to see the vehicle in person and know it's gotten a clean bill of health from a Toyota specialist. The title process alone proved to be a bigger headache than I imagined, and this one's now got a clean NM title ready to transfer.

As Michael at Aztec Automotive noted, this vehicle was clearly well taken care of in Japan. The body is completely rust-free and the paint is in excellent shape. The interior is in equally excellent condition. Seats fold down into a queen sized bed, and can be oriented multiple different ways on their original, very cleverly designed track system. It has a double-din head unit, with one of the units being a tiny satellite TV (I haven't looked into getting this to work, although it does have power). Speakers in both the front cab and rear area were special optioned for this van; many Hiaces came equipped with only front speakers. This van also comes equipped with very rare "IBIX" JDM brush guards in chrome, as well as the Dunemax wheels it's pictured wearing.

The van currently shows about 210,000KM—just 130,000 miles. It has received a substantial amount of service since it arrived in the US last year under my ownership, including:
-Fresh suspension with KYB Gas-a-Just shocks on all 4 corners
-OEM fuel filter OEM thermostat
-Fully rebuilt axles w/ OEM inner/outer
-CV boots Front wheel bearings Transmission service
-Rear pinion seal
-4 tires (225/75 R15 Toyo Open Country)
-Oil change (Multiple; most recent 1/25/22)
-Torsion bar adjustment/tuning & 4wd alignment by Jon's Alignment in Santa Fe—Van rides and handles superbly from this

Items to note:
-The middle sunroof doesn't slide back. The motor sounds like it's working, so it may just be a lubrication issue, but I haven't looked into it
-The van's current suspension setup doesn't run a rear sway bar. You'd be hard pressed to be able to tell that while you're driving around, and it does allow for better articulation offroad. An OEM sway bar with end links is included in sale
-Extremely small windshield chip
-One of the foglight bulbs is out
-Minor wear/sunfade on graphics on the exterior; paint is generally in great shape, but this is a 27 year old car

This van is insanely capable off-road and is a reliable highway companion. I drove it back from Seattle to Santa Fe in two days with zero issues, and have driven it over 10,000 miles since without a single problem on the road—seriously. The turbodiesel fires right up in any conditions, is peppy and fun to drive, and it easily keeps up on the highway at 80+ mph, even at high altitude. It's also basically a small Suburban with the seats in passenger position, and fits 8 adults and their gear super comfortably.

I have owned my fair share of interesting cars, yet never have I gotten so much interest and joy from strangers and friends alike. It also has a conveniently small footprint and can easily be daily driven, and doesn't have the stench of condescension that comes with owning a Mercedes Sprinter van. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have, be it about learning to drive RHD (takes about 30 minutes to adjust to), insurance (trust me, invaluable info), or the best way to get out of long conversations about the van at gas stations.

I'm looking for $17,500 for this van. I've put over $3,000 in maintenance to bring it up to date on service. Given what these are being sold for before they even hit the states, this seems like a competitive price point, but I'm open to negotiation. I'd only consider trade for a first gen Tacoma plus cash, dependent on the condition of the truck.