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Ok we all know that tacos have a better value than KBB . Even more for those not in the rust belt. I have found a one owner base model single cab with a not to grandpa camper shell. The specs are 2003 160k 5 speed 2.7 with a supposedly lsd rear ( I know odd will check door codes tomorrow). Owner was older and has passed. It is all stock with some light cosmetic issues on outside ( it is over 10 yrs I expect that) .
They are at 6k I can not find anything in 500 miles close to that price .
Is this fair or do I just really want another 4x4?
Please and Thankyou


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Considering pre-tacoma trucks are fetching 3-4k id say $6k seems fair. Always worth trying to haggle though.

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I had to step off it .It was excellent frame and great mechanicals. But the body was beat no rust just beat ,needed a windshield . I thru out 3500 cash and was hoping he would turn me down. He did with no counter offer. So it is in North Carolina at Lake Norman Imports if anyone is interested.