Previa AWD Camper Conversion


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great build! Can you explain how you made the rear window shades and how they stay in place? Also, I see the Wagan 400w inverter. How do you like it? I had a lower powered one that chirped under load and was thinking of getting a beefier one.
There's an image below that describes the window shade in more detail. The Inverter is a Wagan Elite 400W Pro #2601. I really like it. It's pure sine which I needed for my laptop and is very quiet (aside from a loud beep when I turn it off). The fan only runs on really hot days after extended use. No chirping.

Window Cover.jpg


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Hey @Joeldc, sorry to raise an old thread. I'm very interested in using a similar layout in a Sienna. Do you have more info or diagrams of how you built the sliding bed/couch combination? That looks more user friendly than most of the simple wood builds I've seen.