Pretty Useless but kind of funny

Different strokes for different folks I suppose, but too unique not to share



Interesting... I like the fold down door/steps for the back two seats. Not sure who gets to ride on the bench seats and have the bike handlebar whacking them in the head?

Seems like the kind of vehicle you buy/build to give tours on the beach somewhere. Or drive people out to surf fish or something? Dunno, I never get some of the beach crowd things.

Would be a cool idea for a cutaway van if they put that fab work into making a livable expo box on the back.

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The build quality doesn't look too bad, so I guess they succeeded at executing their vision of what they were trying to accomplish. However, if this was their vision, I personally think they should get their eyes checked.
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In texas those are hunting vehicles. People in the back are ready to shoot anything on land they see.


My fist thought was Florida beach cruiser and guess what the seller is in Florida.

Personally I think the price is ridiculous but there are enough people down there with money to burn
There is an event in Saint Jo, TX called "Rednecks with Paychecks". Swap out those tires for some Super Swamper Boggers and this would fit in pefect. Overweight bikini girls could ride around in the back and practice their twerking.