Pretty Ugly... 1835, The Build Begins


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Just had a few messages from the supplier Rep Amy who has put the order together and checked all batteries including sending me a video of her checking each individual cell, I must say that I am more than a little impressed with how help full and thorough she has been, I will let you know how they are when they arrive but if any one is interested here is a link
3.2v 280AH lifepo4

some of the pics
View attachment 589328

View attachment 589327
Bellow is the spec sheet
280AH Lifepo4.pdf
Also including the spec sheet on the solar panels here 500w~550w.pdf

there are 2 video's showing Amy checking each individual batterie that I can post up, if anyone would like me to put up just ask

Wow, that's 28kw of power! Epic! I was planning ~18kw... Thanks for sharing info about your supplier!


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I have gotten tired of working in the rain so have decided to put up a very temporary shelter until a shed appears

2020-07-19 15.34.22.jpg

as you can tell no expense was spared in this fully functional workshop

2020-07-21 14.54.58.jpg

I have also discovered that I can definatly use the front air suspesion in the cab but I am not sure I can make the rear cab air work due to the shorter cab
1835 front
2020-07-18 13.41.48.jpg

2657 spar parts
2020-07-18 13.41.10.jpg

rear set up on 2657
2020-07-18 13.51.29.jpg

I will also have to play with where the shocks go if I swap brackets out etc for the rear.

does anyone know if it would be fine with just the front air and mechanical spring rear ??? if i cant make it work ??

Edit... fixed a weird photo mishap
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Hello, Madoxen:

Congratulations for your new hitec workshop/shed. That kind of solution is very appreciated in every corner of the globe, believe me.

Regarding the suspension issue, it is pretty clear that you can use Dominator front suspension on Pretty Ugly's cab leaving its original mechanic rear suspension, though the rear suspended system will be pretty much difficult or impossible to adapt because you have the engine and a lot of stuff in between the rails where you should place the supports and the shocks.

In my humble and poor opinion you are very fortunate: you have the longer cabin, with a very, very comfortable suspension, with enough place for your refrigerator and a washing machine if you will, and the two-axle configuration allows you to plan for a very elastic overhang to cope with the aditional centimeters the longer cabin may add to the overall lenght of the truck. In my case, the cabin of Spare the truck was unfortunately half eaten by rust and had been already repaired with tons of plaster when we were introduced, and the rear tandem configuration of my truck restricted a lot the lenght of the legally allowed overhang. Given the chance, and I insist that it is just my opinion, I would swap the entire cabin, adapting or replacing the engine tunnel and the floor that, definitively, would be less demanding than adapting the rear suspension.

Kind regards from far, far away.



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Hello Pairoa. That would be my wish also. But i am just not sure it is possable. I am going to remove big red as i will now call it and start to cut it up and see if it is possible to make the engine cutout in the floor. But then if i do that i will loose area where the fridge and trampoline :) go . But will keep the extra length of the bed roof.

I might be better off seeing if i can swap a sleeper cab that already has the correct floor for the big red one once i have stripped it. Though i will most likelyhave to pay money as well after all you know what scrap yeards are like . They smell the blood in the water and go frenzie


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Oh on another note both my solar and life4pos areready to pick up tomorrow morning. Verry exciting but with some doubt incase they are not what i hoped they would be. Will update tomorrow with pics and info


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Well pretty happy they are big but that is what i wanted to cover the whole roof



I have only had time to visually inspect them and dont yet have reg to plug them into but for ehat i paid i am definatly happy.

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Something else came in the post and has been most usefull 20200723_091851.jpg


I have already managed to clear most of the faults on both trucks with the exception of 1 on each which needs to find a short in the wireing .


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Well I had some fun yesterday and decided to see how likely it was that i can physically do the cab swap (with some cutting) and it looks promising.

Front of truck all disconected electrics. Water . Air con plumbing. Clutch and breaks all done.

Electrics all pulled under the cab so out the way.


Then to the back of the cab to see what needs to be cut. But 1st to remove all the insulation and sound proofing.

As u can see from below image they have left a nice weld seem roughly where it will need to be cut.


But on closer comparison it was not that simple streight cut but a more shaped and complicated cut when compared with the blue cab.

After more measuring i might get away with making a cut out for exhaust and turbo with anough clearence for the top of engine . Although i might need to fab a small 25mm to 50mm spacer to give enough space for suspension to compress as well.


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Managed to get a little more done today on the interior of Big Red. I will let the pics do the talking .
Removed the left fridge

Then the side lockers



The mess of cables and then air lines under the drivers seat for the seat/airhorn/gear box


Finally a almost clear floor20200726_155148.jpg
You can follow the seam that will need to be cut out for the engine to fit. Well thats if i have to still hopeing i might make it with a spacer or 2.





So, how does the red one have a flat floor with the V8 under it, yet yours has a hump with the smaller V6.. Is the V8 sat lower in the red one, or is the cab lower in the blue one?


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So, how does the red one have a flat floor with the V8 under it, yet yours has a hump with the smaller V6.. Is the V8 sat lower in the red one, or is the cab lower in the blue one?
Hi Sitec
The cabs are with in 10mm from the floor to the door handle of each other.

It boils down to ground clearance i think . The gear box of blue is above the chassis rails yet the box for big red is just below the top of chassis.

Engine wise i am not sure the engine is higher but the turbo, exhaust, water expansion tank etc is higher.
I will take some measurments and pics from chassis to floor and engine to chassis etc , also mounting point hights .


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I have another tough decision to make now. The minimum height of the Big Red megaspace cab with the wind deflectors set to their lowest is 3.78mtrs .

The blue cab maxes out at 3.4 mtr for cab.

Now the bottom of the floor sits at 1500 with the subframe on. Add to that 2117 (biggest hab height ) pluss 75mm for roof rails and solar.

The shortest i can make hab is 1967 but i will have ear ache and neck ache at the height.

So all but 3.7 for max ( 80mm under minimum-max cab height) ( unless i remove spoiler) or

3.55 mtrs ( a wopping 150mm over the cab height)

If i go Big Red I guess i need to cancel the 45degree cut out in the front grrr. Thought and suggestions are welcome


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Its been like christmass this last week lots of parcels and pallets turning up foe the build. Thought i would share with you the Life4po batteries that i got from the freight depo today.

They were very well packaged all 32 of them with 2 in a box each individually wrapped in foam




And even included 65 busbars and 70 screws .
Just another step in the wright direction .