Prepping a defender 130 for around the world..

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We won't be able to make MAR.. We were going to but Sandra got asked to do pet first aid classes at expo and I've been roped into being a panelist on the Aussie round table discussion seminars.. After expo we are going to the Uwharrie event and then on the way back hm,e will be attending the Florida Land Rover club event..


Great build. I will need to borrow your cupholder solution when I build my new cubby box. Thats great!



Recommended books for Overlanding

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I knew this question was going to come up...:)... I had her weighed the other day and she is at 7400lbs, with full tank of gas but not fully provisioned wtc.. I expect her to be right around the 8000lb mark in travel trim..that's NOT including my wife an I ..


Not to bad, will be a little over GVM but not as bad as the 11000lb Land Cruiser 75 series I found on Big Red with a GVM of 6690lb Nothing like a train wreck waiting to happen.

Did you happen to get a front axel and rear axel break down? Good thing about a 130, they are a pretty well balanced rig to start with.

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I think gvm is about 7500 on these so yeah, I'm pretty close..When I get it pretty much kitted out in final trim I will be weighing each individual corner and see where she stands then, haven't installed the front winch yet (husky 10k lb superwinch is freaking heavy, but am using dyneema cord) but when laying the truck out I tried to keep weight towards the centre of the vehicle.. Like Fuel and water tanks are forward of the rear axle etc..