Power Wagon: Video, Pictures and Love

Scott Brady

There is a lot to love about the Power Wagon. A few weeks ago, I took a stock 2011 through Hell's Revenge. Full video coming soon.

Any other images or videos from other owners on the forum?


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Looks good Scott! I'll be waiting for the full video...

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5wCUI2hneuA"]YouTube - 09 april 11 snow run[/ame]

Little PW action in fresh powder - long video.
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Took my stock Power Wagon on Poison Spider Mesa trail. Did the entire thing. No problems, no damage except for the Jeep guy's manhood that couldn't get up one of the ledges.. (musta been the driver) :sombrero: It's amazing what these trucks can do. I lived in mine all last summer all over the west..

Here is a old video when I first got my truck, before 35's and rock bars. Out in the Rio Puerco expanse west of ABQ. [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RttsYpHvF6g&feature=related"]YouTube - 2006 Power Wagon Rio Puerco Second Climb[/ame]


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[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qxM8rH6E-WE"]YouTube - Power Wagon on Golden Crack 2011[/ame]

Here is a video of the first "known" crossing of Golden Crack by a Power Wagon I belive . The jeep in the background had a broken tie rod.
I was supposed to go on this trip, but decided to stay to work a good paying tree planting job. Then New Mexico got slammed with snow and I lost out on both.....ughh shoulda went with those guys :mad:
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watching that video, I am super impressed with how rigid the frame is. Normally, during extreme articulation, you see the bed start to twist away from the cab. Not here. Great testament to how tough and capable this truck is.


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In general, I think this is not only a good testament to how good the powerwagon is, but how good the 3rd/4th gen dodge is in general. If I was to build another truck it would be a 3rd gen( regular cab, diesel, Cummins, auto ).

I do think that Dodge shot themselves in the foot not offering the PowerWagon option with the diesel. Designing the winch mount a little different would have solved this problem. KORE did a concept a few years back with the 6.7 first came out. They basically ran the 'light' powerwagon axles in a diesel truck with a modified front winch mount. I think they where running 40" tires with miniml lift also. They drove that thing all over moab.....

For me, the 3rd gen dodge might represent the ability to have a little bit more of the bases covered. Want to go faster....just add some Carli stuff. Diesel engine is a factory option....rare in my opinion. Add in some lockers, ARB or the 4th gen powerwagon stuff, and you basically have a diesel powered 'powerwagon'. One of the only things that keeps me away is that a full-size pick-up is still full-size. For me, even with the smallest regular cab long box, its still just a little big...

Anyways, just thinking out loud.

Loved the videos.