Potable Water Can?


Grainger has both the LCI and Scepter versions. I've used the LCI for some time now and its been trouble free but the fit and finish isn't quite as good as that on my Scepter fuel cans. Given the difference in pricing, I'd go for the LCI again. I also carry two (5 and 2.5 gal) of the exchangeable jugs designed for the home/office water cooler that have proven to be fairly durable and can be swapped out if a crack does develop.


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Thanks for sharing that. That is the one I have been considering as I hate lifting a full can for a cup of water. I can leave the can in the mount and never have to lift it. I bought 8 LCI cans years ago to spread out among the family. They have done wonders for us. Main thing to remember about them is to not over tighten the cap. Hand tighten only. Never use a wrench to tighten. The wrench is for loosening ONLY.

Speaking of mounts. I love these mounts.

Here is info about the difference between Scepter and LCI water cans. Late model Scepter post 2018 have an O'Ring from the factory.
You have the jugs from LCI and they fit fine in the mounts you show that have NATO cans in them?

I've wondered if NATO cans and LCI/Scepter jugs were the same size, and if they'd fit same mounts when full and perhaps swell differently. Awesome.


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Have had no issues with our Scepter 20l cans 8 years and 112k mostly off-road miles.
We have two mounted on our Wilco Hitchgate. To dispense water we use Scepter's water container spout.
Friends with Rotopax have had issues, glad we went with Scepter!
At the Northwest Overland Rally we saw a USB / battery operated water pump. Tried one with our 20l Scepter can - worked great and are not expensive. This is much easier to use than our ball siphon. No attachment to linked video, posted to show a similar device.
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Here’s what I did. Believe it or not a full Scepter stays on that riser in the worst off camber, bouncy, awful roads …

Well, here’s what I did, not for checking levels, but realized I could do it, so that was an added benefit.

View attachment 724123

I just cut the scepter spigot hose and extended it to 4feet with food grade hose from McMaster-Carr and a couple SS straight barbs. Zip ties to cinch the junctions and silicon rescue tape finished it off. Sorry, not the best pic, but you get the idea. Easy to see the water level and great to have some reach with the spigot.

A big plus is the Scepter spigot that you can’t see here. Makes fine control of the flow real easy, the lever can be swiveled to any angle and locked open too. One of our favorite mods.

You could replace your spigot with a SS pipe thread reducer of the appropriate size ending in a barb for the hose. McMaster-Carr has all sorts of fittings you cant find at HD. The Scepter is stout enough you should be able to use the threads on the reducer to tap your spigot hole.


I've been using an Aquatainer for years, but I'm planning on going to a water bottle of a similar widthg just because the electric pumps that are available.

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I just picked up two of these.
I love them so far. Nice and rugged too


I’ve wondered about this set up. Maybe give us some feedback after a couple of trips?
I've taken one trip with them so far and have another one planned starting tomorrow.

So far the only negative I see is that it's a lot easier to waste water. Since you have a rechargeable spigot that pumps water out and it's so seamless and easy, I found that I used more water than I typically do. Now that I know that I'll be a little more aware of it this weekend.

I also like how portable it is. It's very easy to pick the water can up with the spigot and carry it over to a table or somewhere else.

right now I'm a fan.

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