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Just here...
Interested to see what everyone is running and what they think/ how they like it. RTT or ground, it doesnt matter. Lets see what you run.


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AutoHome Maggiolina AirLander size medium.
Bought brand new March of 2008.

What do I think of it?
It is the cats meow.
Not a complaint, I dig this tent.
Sleeping up on the roof is much nicer IMO than sleeping on the ground.

No, the small picnic table is not for sale :D

Oh gosh, I can hardly wait, vacation starts next week.
Fresh pics :sombrero:


I bought a Mountain Hardware Lightpath 3 (3 season) tent last this is my second season. It is very easy to put up...can use just the footprint and fly for lightweight camping...or full tent for regular camping. Tent is mostly netting so very good ventilation...vestibule has two openings for entry...and large enough to store packs, boots, etc. It does not let rain enter when vestibule is open with dripping water.....very good design. I especially like the poles and clip design.
It has been through snow, freezing rain, heavy thunderstorms, 95*+ heat with high humidity, and even winds in excess of 40mph last year on camping trip to Carolina Beach in September where 3 inches of rain fell in 8 hours. Swapped out supplied stakes with 12" metal sand stakes...dug down with hands to hard pack...drove in stakes...attached guy lines...covered with sand....she never budged. While others were blowing over, coming out of sand and filling with entry into the tent was dry and comfortable even in those winds.
Outstanding tent for the price...well made.

1- easy to set up
2- light weight
3- solid in high winds, heavy rain, etc
4- durable construction
5- room vestibule for gear and gear pockets in tent

1- 3 person but would have to be very intimate to sleep three...hahaha...great for 2 persons with gear kept inside
2- low ceiling height...wife complains about dressing laying down or sitting up

I have contemplated RTT....but for me is not best solution for these reasons:

1- I spend more time camping in single location and using as base camp than picking up and moving each ground tent fits this role better for me.
2- I dont have ability to lift off vehicle onto high storage or keep in garage due to size limitations...already full of canoe, motorcycle, wifes car, and other toys.
3- Dont want to remove it to put a canoe or kayak up on rack or to build up a way to level them out with the tent left in place

Great products...and perfect for some...but for my use a ground tent and a rack mounted awning are more than sufficient. Good luck on your search.
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yall might hate on me for this, but i LOVE my coleman tent.

link because picture is huge: Bear June 2010/199.jpg

ara 4 person tent. perfect for the girlfriend and me. it has slept 3 before, but 4 would be a stretch. i got it on clearance at target 5 or so years ago, and has served me very very well. it does turn into a 'sand globe' if the wind is blowing at pismo!

will probably upgrade to an 8 person tent soon. again coleman. they are inexpensive and good enough for my needs. as much as i camp, it is still only a hand full of times a year.


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We've got a favorite ground tent for when we're camping out of the FJC, and an RTT on the trailer when we have that along. Overall I like both of them. I think many people comtemplating a RTT purchase are thinking there will be a big savings in set-up/tear down time. My experience is the RTT is a little quicker, but it's not a night and day difference.

Ground tent: REI Base Camp 4.

What I like about this tent:
  • Very roomy for 2, even with lots of gear
  • Free standing
  • Pretty easy setup
  • Option for night sky views when weather permits
  • 2 vestibules for storage outside the tent

  • I can't stand up all the way inside
  • Can be difficult to find a big enough spot of flat ground

On the trailer: Ezi-Awn 1600

  • It's on the trailer
  • No need to find a flat spot of ground
  • Roomy for 2, even with some gear inside. Had we bought the trailer new I'm not sure we would have sprung for the bigger tent, so I'm happy the previous owner did!
  • Great materials and build quality

  • Stock mattress isn't very comfortable (we use Thermarest pads underneath the Ezi-Awn mattress)
  • No standing up inside a RTT
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I still have this tent tucked away in a closet.
I forget the brand, but it was OK for car camping and backpacking.
The picture is up at Mt. Rainier where I hiked in about 4 miles or so to one of their backpack camps.

I also have an REI NiteLite one person backpacking tent that was much easier to carry than the one above, but no pics online of it.

The pic above is probably from around 1989 or so.



It's light enough i don't mind carrying it backpacking, and tough enough i haven't destroyed it yet. It's really nice to have your backpack covered by the fly when you're backpacking in bad weather. I only use my tent for sleeping, i have a 10x10 pavilion that goes with my truck, it's great for hanging out between the truck and the tent.


We use a Timberline Backcountry for sleeping only. Actually looking at purchasing a larger ground tent for more space. This thread is perfect timing. Keep those tents coming.


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:sombrero: Airzone "Goldfinch"

Nissan "Hatch tent"

:costumed-smiley-007:wings: JIMBO


16' x 9.5' Ozark Trail family tent, sleeps 7 and has room for 2 queen size air mattresses. Have my AC Boot installed on this tent and it works great. Slept comfy with a sleeping bag over me last week camping in Key Largo, FL for 3 days. It was HOT......outside the tent. Inside was about 70 degrees during the night.

Tent cost me $80 at walmart and has served us well.


Here's what gets used the most, It's a Sierra Designs 4 person Papagayo, a 3 season version of the Stretch Dome 4.

I've had it for several years and it's not showing any wear. It's very dry, stands up to wind real well, and has pleanty of room for 2 people and gear.

If I'm by myself I use a Sierra Designs AST? 2 person

simple, light enough room for one person, and easy to set up.

I have others including a Eureka Timberline 4, it's over 25 years old and still mades a great loaner tent.