post your Suburban pics


Here is my new to me 2004 1500 LT AWD. She's got a few blemishes but, so do I! Depending on how well we like it for camping, I might just sell my old Bronco
That is almost exactly what my suburban looked like when I got it. It's an 04 1500 LT 4WD. Luckily, it appears you do not have much rust in the rear quarter panels that seems to plague the older burbs.


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3/4 square body diesel, sweet.
Thanks! It's sort of a 3/4 ton, kinda sorta. :) It's a V1500 with axles out of a ‘78 3/4 ton pickup. So a 14 bolt rear and 10 bolt front. I'm going to see how the 10 bolt front treats me with the 37” tires. I will probably go to a Dana 60 eventually when the money tree blooms again. The truck still has the 700R4 trans. I like the low first gear it provides and will probably get it built with all the good parts.


Yeah, my 1500 and 2500 have the 10b fronts. But I have the 60 and 14 for the 2500. 2500 gets the H1 tire/wheel treatment too.

1500 is getting a 14bsf rear axle. 10b is blown and this is the one for sale with just 85k on it. (pm if anyones interested. Cali truck, no rust)


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Here is my new to me 2004 1500 LT AWD. She's got a few blemishes but, so do I! Depending on how well we like it for camping, I might just sell my old Bronco
Exactly like mine, too, right down to the 5 spoke 17" wheels. My wheels were in horrible shape so I replaced them with 16" base model "cyclone" wheels. Going from 17" to 16" wheels saved me about $200 on new tires.
So yours has the AWD? I think that was called "StabiliTrak" wasn't it?


Yea I think so. It's my third awd vehicle and I forgot how nice it is on snow! It totally kicks my cclb duramax in the rear in terms of snow handling! I'm also looking into 16" wheels when these tires wear out. I hate the directional ones. I like the ones on the wife's Tahoe. (05 rwd)


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New tow. It would have been a really nice barn find 6 months ago. Ill be selling the fj40 and starting on this. I quickly realized a family of four wouldn’t be doing any big camping trips in a fj.
Here is mine....


The ole rusties got at my bumpers. I am replacing them ASAP. This is getting built up too. going with coil overs on the front and sphon rear suspension setup. right now, I have the bars cranked up a bit, and reflex monotube shocks (work awesome btw). 265s will be being replace with a nice wheel and 285s. Nothing more is needed around our parts.


Anyone here have a 4x2 suburban ?.... I know a long shot but just curious about lockers and which ones you've used. If they help.


I like your burb,the same colour then mine.Not seeing Them that often,can you please keep us updated on the use and any improvements on your vehicle.[I know they are hard to improve ,as the are nearly perfect]:cool:
For sure I will, need to get some new pics, fixed a bunch of surface rust and bed liner'd the rockers from the horses feet down in black last weekend. Showed my wife pics of yours from your thread. Now my wife wants a pop top........


Dogmann, I think some GM trucks came with a Z71 package in 2wd, with a G80 in the rear. I kinda liked the idea, for the improvement over open 2wd, and simplicity over 4wd. Mine is a Z71 4x4, which comes with the G80 (some like it, some don't) rear.