Post your Nissan Camping Pictures!


These are from last weekends camping trip

On the way out to the site. This is Rt 2 in MA, follows the Mohawk Trail

Overlooking the Mohawk Valley

Home for the weekend

Halfway up Mt Greylock

The Summit of Mt Greylock

The Massachusetts Veterans War Memorial on top of Mt Greylock

A Thoreau Quote on his trip to Mt Greylock

"Hail To The Sunrise" Statue at Mohawk Park

And here are a few extras

Field expedient can opener


New member
My first back country trip since buying the Xterra last November, camping on a wide spot on a Forest Service road in the Mark Twain National Forest after a day wheeling the forest trails.



Magic carpet ride
My 1st Frontier 2005 CC Nismo

Wenatchee NF:

Day Trip looking for Clipper mine:

Overnighter on Mt Rainier. Slept in a snow cave we built:

My newer 2008 CC Nismo

Testing the lights on the roof rack, Ahtanum NF:

Jump Off Joe lookout in the Ahtanum NF:

Someone's elk camp in the Wenatchee NF: