Post Your Montero SPORT Pics!


Affternoon friends🙋‍♂️, Wow,, 9 months since the last post. Mother's day Sunday in beautiful Boulder City Nv.
93+°, not bad considering my family back East had snow flurries yesterday 😆.

Update time:
After the drama of the complete top end timing/ valve job/ water pump etc, services
the Monty is fully functional and legal. Yeah! It took a while (budget) to get here but slow and steady wins👍. W/ the arrival of the stimulus check I will be ordering new skins for the rig this coming week. I'm going one size over stock in a M/T tread (LT245/75r/16) with the hope of keeping the things as close to normal as possible. Suspension is original minus new Tokico Trekmaster shocks.
A simple sanding and spray of the factory spoke wheels came out absolutely perfect for about $9 bucks each 😍.
I'll be exploring once the new skins mounted and I have my C02 tank operational for Airing up.
I also removed the rear seats and fashioned an extension for the floor which gives me enough space for a 72"×37" mattress👍. Comfortable sleeping is always welcome.
I'm also working on sun shades for all rear windows w/reflectik.
Hopefully the photos will load🙏. Hit me up w/any questions or comments.
Cheers 🍻, G.


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I have an 02 MS es I bought from my co-workers son. Only 135k. It was hail damaged and pretty filthy but mechanically in great shape. I replaced the t-belt, water pump and all front seals. No oil leaks at this time. Front diff has a bit of a seep from the cover but that's it. So far I've put a roof rack on it and mounted the spare up top. Added some traction pads and recovery gear. Removed the fender flares, front bumper and relocated the washer tank. Also added a CB radio and bfg at's. Once these tires wear out I'll be either lifting and going 33s or no lift and just 31s. Depends on funds. This thing has been very capable in it's stock from so far here in the mountains of Colorado. Next big purchase will be a locker and hope to fabricate a front bumper. I had no idea about these trucks until I bought this one. Now I'm glad I did. I just wish there were more aftermarket parts availability.