Post your Mitsubishi Pajero Pics


I’m doing a solo trip through the Mojave Road last weekend in February, this will be my first time there. You have any tips, I would truly appreciate it . Thanks. Nice Monty btw.

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Thanks, other than bring a rock for the travellers monument, not really. Any montero is very suited for the Mojave Road. I will say this, the first time I did the Afton Canyon river crossing my carpet got soaked and smelled so bad (after I got home) that I had to rip it out and replace it. My Montero had previous owners that used it as a family car and also it was a smokers car. The second time I did it my newish carpet got wet again and no smell after it dried. That said, it was fun as hell and I say everyone should do the Afton crossing.

Have fun out there!


Me? Weld? But my good buddy Toasty did

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Nice that looks great, I’m working on one similar I just cut my rear quarter panels down or whatever you’d call them. And working on a mock up

did you also raise the gas tank?