Post your Mitsubishi Pajero Pics



That’s my doppelgänger! I’m also at ~260k.

Small oil leak, and ticks every once and a while but she’s solid! These things are tanks

What manual hubs are you running? I’m about to do the swap myself to some i just got off Amazon
Mine has the stock automatic hubs. I pulled the center caps and trim latch rings after discount tire broke a couple not mounting them centered. Side note... it made a crazy wobble until I figured it out.

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Hey all, after looking for 2 years I picked up this 2001 Limited with 104,000 miles on it. So far I haven't done much to it other than install the rack, remove all the back seats except for the single one behind the driver for my first camping trip in it, and I pulled off the bottom strip of the moulding. The interior and windshield are so clean it feels like I'm driving a new truck, and I'm pretty sure it's never been taken off-road.

So it's a little balky going from 2wd to 4wd and back, but once in 4wd the center diff locks quickly and I have no problem going from 4hi to 4lo and back. So I have the solenoids on order but haven't received them yet.

I don't know what all I'm going to do with it because I'm short on time and money, it may be just stay the way it is for light 4 wheeling when I'm out camping (mostly desert, with maybe a trip or two to the Sierras each summer). Although I'd really at least like to get some rock sliders or another solution to use for recovery/flat changing with a Hi-Lift.

The big thing right now is the previous owner bought it at auction and I can't determine if/when the timing belt has been changed. So I need to get that done soon and it's the only thing I've currently budgeted for. I searched the forums a little last night looking for mechanic recommendations here in Los Angeles and didn't find anything Mitsubishi specific. If anyone has a recommendation, on the eastside preferably, I'd be very grateful for it.




Congrats on the find, and welcome aboard!

Did you test the solenoids to verify they were not working?
I would recommend starting with fresh fluid in the transfer case (fresh fluids are usually a good start with a new/used rig).



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My first 4WD was a 1986 Montero (2dr here in the states). I remember being SOOO excited to have a real safari-style vehicle and making mods to it as my 16yo means allowed. Fog lights, CB radio, 31” BFGs. After my second year of college I sold it for to get something with more space, but I never forgot it. Over the years the Montero was followed by damned near every other 4x4 you can imagine. I had an FJ40,FJ60, FJ80, 2 L60 Patrols, Series 2 LR 88” and 109”, classic RR, 86 4Runner, 91 4Runner, CJ7, CJ5 (still have), 52 Power Wagon, the list goes on and on. The Montero was the one that stuck in my thoughts. So, now that I’m a little older, wiser, and have a little more money, I thought I’d try a proper overland build. What better rig to build on than a Gen2 Montero! Last year I started searching for my base. It had to meet the following criteria; 1) 3.0L V6 - non interference; 2) 5-speed; 3) cloth interior; 4) absolutely rust free. Living in Minnesota, I knew this would mean buying one down south and shipping/driving it back. As luck would have it, I found a junkyard in Sioux Falls SD (3 hours away) that had EXACTLY what I was looking for! A fella moved to Sioux Falls a few months before and drove his Montero LS up from Santa Fe. The truck started burning oil and wouldn’t go into 4WD, so he scrapped it. I ended up buying it virtually sight unseen for a few hundred bucks and trucking it to my house. Immaculate frame, body and interior. I dove right in and replaced the valve guides, seals and T-belt. While in there I replaced all fluids, tune up components and got everything running like a song. I replaced all suspension links and bushings. Installed OME heavy rear springs, cranked torsion bars and added Bilsteins. The truck ended up with 2” lift and 33x10 Cepek Extreme Countries. DVD player, CB radio, ARB winch bumper, 9500 winch, full roof rack, lights, manual lockouts, dual batteries with isolator, snorkel, AC inverter, rear locker and hood blackout.
Even at 245k miles, this truck is better than my Land Cruisers were. It is quiet and comfortable at 80MPH and gets reasonable mileage. The truck is very well thought out and serviceable. Won’t win any races, but I’d drive it anywhere in the world without a second thought.


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