Post your Mitsubishi Pajero Pics


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Hi forum,

Long time lurking on here with few posts, but i just bought a ‘99 Montero SR, and am super impressed with what I’m finding.

Even with 253000 miles it doesn’t drip oil, shifts perfect, all the switches work, and with a dose of lube, the sunroof does too!

I lucked out finding a truck with 2 owners, and service tickets going back to 2000, even has original window sticker from dealer. $38500 with all the options...$2500 was a steal

I come from Toyotas - had a ‘97 Tacoma, 60 series cruiser(still miss that one) & a 91 4runner. And, just downsized from a v10 Excursion.

I’m not sure why people say these trucks aren’t strong. I’m surprised how peppy it is in stock form. I think this truck is the perfect size between the 4runner and my old 60 series.

No point posting pics of a stock truck, but glad to be driving this truck!
Posting your stock photo is great. Shows your starting point....people like myself always love to see how they brought home their baby.

Congrats on your find!

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I ended up selling my beloved 94 LS to a good friend because I needed more power in Colorado. Was going to put 4.90s and swap the engine to a 3.5 but downsizing into condo life and no garage meant that was a dream and not reality. So I picked up Black Betty from @SONICMASD. I will be adding a few things to her over the next few months ( one of which will be a 3.8 after I rebuild it over the summer ) Here is a pic just outside of Meteor Crater park in AZ aka Barringer Crater. 4.90's really are a game changer. The last Gen 2.5 I had with 33" and 4.63 did not do near as well up steep highway passes as Betty did and that had 50k less miles on it.

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Sorry, to ask but is the colour dark brown over silver or black over silver? looks great either way (y)



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Welcome aboard!
A '99 SR with only two owners is a great find!
Thanks man! I followed your threads closely and love your rig.

Mine has some minir cosmetic issues, but who cares. Going to get scratched at some point anyway.

I’m not going to “build” it just 31s, sliders and OME. Will get me where I need to go


You may want to put some bash plates underneath.
They are fairly easy to fabricate...I used aluminium when I made mine.

Wishing you many miles of adventure!
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I've owned 2 montero sports and 1 Montero. I've been looking for a low mileage monty for 5 years and found one in Cleveland,OH with only 58k. Good thing friend of mine happened to be in Cleveland that week for a meeting that week and gave the thumbs up. I flew to Cleveland to the dismay of the boss (wife). Drove it to Vegas non stop and 32 hours later was home. I got an earful but when she drove it, she finally shut her mouth.
That was 5 years ago, today it's basically her car and won't drive any other. Lol