Post your Mitsubishi Pajero Pics


I ended up selling my beloved 94 LS to a good friend because I needed more power in Colorado. Was going to put 4.90s and swap the engine to a 3.5 but downsizing into condo life and no garage meant that was a dream and not reality. So I picked up Black Betty from @SONICMASD. I will be adding a few things to her over the next few months ( one of which will be a 3.8 after I rebuild it over the summer ) Here is a pic just outside of Meteor Crater park in AZ aka Barringer Crater. 4.90's really are a game changer. The last Gen 2.5 I had with 33" and 4.63 did not do near as well up steep highway passes as Betty did and that had 50k less miles on it.


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Hi forum,

Long time lurking on here with few posts, but i just bought a ‘99 Montero SR, and am super impressed with what I’m finding.

Even with 253000 miles it doesn’t drip oil, shifts perfect, all the switches work, and with a dose of lube, the sunroof does too!

I lucked out finding a truck with 2 owners, and service tickets going back to 2000, even has original window sticker from dealer. $38500 with all the options...$2500 was a steal

I come from Toyotas - had a ‘97 Tacoma, 60 series cruiser(still miss that one) & a 91 4runner. And, just downsized from a v10 Excursion.

I’m not sure why people say these trucks aren’t strong. I’m surprised how peppy it is in stock form. I think this truck is the perfect size between the 4runner and my old 60 series.

No point posting pics of a stock truck, but glad to be driving this truck!