Post your Mitsubishi Pajero Pics


This was on the Overland Bound Rally right? I was in the 03 Montero across the road from you in the campground. I kick myself for not coming over to introduce myself and check out this build. It looks great! I did the trail to Voyager Rock campground as well, it was a fun one. Anyways, hope to see you out there. --Rob Wagner OB#7071
Sorry for the late reply. I have been gone since a little before Christmas.

Yes, that was me. It would have been nice to meet you, and I have never seen a gen 3 in person. A least not on the inside. Maybe at next year's rally?

I'm Montero Mike on the OB Forum, #13758


I ended up selling my beloved 94 LS to a good friend because I needed more power in Colorado. Was going to put 4.90s and swap the engine to a 3.5 but downsizing into condo life and no garage meant that was a dream and not reality. So I picked up Black Betty from @SONICMASD. I will be adding a few things to her over the next few months ( one of which will be a 3.8 after I rebuild it over the summer ) Here is a pic just outside of Meteor Crater park in AZ aka Barringer Crater. 4.90's really are a game changer. The last Gen 2.5 I had with 33" and 4.63 did not do near as well up steep highway passes as Betty did and that had 50k less miles on it.