Post your device mount pics


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2000 Suburban, made in china ram look alike mount fits a 10" tablet, mounted into the sheet metal where the ash tray used to sit. Can't get abetter setup for anywhere close to $25 I paid for the mount.

I have some random Ram parts. Will they work with that brand? What's that brand name CrayDrei?


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Can anyone say...........distracted driving?

It doesnt get any simpler than this, just a GPS to look at ocasionally. No maps to download, no cell service needed, plan your trip before hand or just purpously wander at will.

Sticky back velcro and a small hook on a block of wood:

You don't look at a paper map when you're driving, if you do you didn't do your home work before starting your drive.

Lost my sextant in a card game in Reno so I'll be using technology. All the technology. 😁😋


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Lot of mount topics in the GPS & Computer subforum

Lot of interesting and sturdy solutions. Lot of RAM mounts, lot of pipe / pillar up from the floor or seat mount brackets, too.

I heat-formed some sheet plastic into a dash bezel mount for a 7-8" tablet. Tablet is supported and held in a snug friction fit. Been down a lot of washboarded roads without issue. About to tweak the mount for an iPad Mini 2

(and here's some more dog hair for you OCD peeps)

/don't seem to have a current picture of it all together with the 2U entertainment unit / DVD player. Their screens are very similar-sized, looks pretty good IMAO. And I later trimmed the mount so it overlapped jus tthe bezel and not the dash as well. Mounted with 3M HD double-sided tape, the grey stuff with the red backing.