Post your camping / gear lists!


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I love your list! Unfortunately I only have a shelf in my garage, and I transfer everything from there into the truck.... I think it is time to update my technique!


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Yes, I have a list (on my Palm) and I use it as sort of a pre-flight check before each trip.

I'll see if I can get it transferred so I can post it...manana.

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My wife and I differ on our lists.

My list is
5 gallons of potable water
Coleman grill
Coleman coffee maker that works on the colman stove and coffe for it.
1 large frying pan one flat pan 1 medium pot one small pot
aluminum foil
small charcoal grill and charcoal
cooler full of premarinated stakes vacuum packed and frozen
couple cans of beans
Cans of Corn
Cans of gearn beans
half gallon of 2% milk
raisin bran cerial
lunch meats, bread and condments for them
Assortment of cooking and eating utensils cheap plastic plates and bowls.
Beer (if the area I am in allows it).

My wifes list

Entire kitchen including fridge and sink.

We usualy meet somewhere in the middle after a fight.


The only time I make an actual list and check it off is when preparing for week long or longer trips. Weekend trips I can practically pack the truck in my sleep. Depending on the trip, our list can include any or all of these items:

  • Coleman stove
  • MSR Whisperlite stove
  • Fuel for stove(s)
  • MSR pots and pans
  • Griddle for pancakes (yum!)
  • Various kitchen items (included spices, can opener, plates, eating utensils, etc.) packed in a small Action Packer
  • Camp chairs
  • Canoe paddles
  • Tent, ground cloth, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, and pillows in larger Action Packer
  • Canoe chairs
  • PFD's
  • Firewood
  • Coolers with food, soda, beer, Gatorade, beer, bottled water, etc.
  • Kelty sunshade (more for rain cover then shade)
  • Dog bed, food, food dish, water dish
  • Clothes and personal items of course
  • 7 gallons of fresh water (will be carrying more for longer trips)
  • Canoe
  • Fishing poles and small tackle bag

Most of our kitchen/cooking items stay packed in the small Action Packer (we lovingly call it the "small AP") all the time so that it's practically "plug and play" the night before we leave town. We try to limit our paper product usage to keep trash to a minimum. We have some re-usable plastic plates/bowels and utensils that have their own mesh carrying bag. I think they're made by Eddie Bauer, but they've worked out really good.

Our sleeping bags and pads are taken out of their stuff sacks and stored flat when we're not on a trip, so we always have to re-pack them the night before. The tent and everything else that goes in the large AP stays in the large AP all the time...almost plug and play. Any dry food that doesn't need to stay cold goes in a second smaller AP.

Stuff like my head lamp and various other flashlights, tow strap, shackle, boonie hat, multi-tool, and 7" knife stay in my truck all the time. I usually keep my fishing poles and small tackle bag in there all the time too.

It's far from being a perfect system and sometimes my truck looks like a gear bomb went off in the back, but it usually only takes a few minutes to tidy up. Usually the gear bomb effect only happens if we're staying in once place for several days and camping with several other people. Ideally I'd like to have a system that is more modular and scalable depending on our needs for a particular trip, but I haven't run across anything that I really like yet. Since my truck is my daily driver, I don't really like leaving it packed and ready to go.


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Hard to respond to this, because seeing all these lists, particularly Scott's will change what I do.

In the past however I start here, generally with the "Three-season" gear list because most of my camping is either typical Colorado three season outings or going somewhere for sailing. That list is real three season, meaning early spring to late fall, so a lot of it is mutually unnecessary.

I add to the Backpacker list a (depending on number of people and proximity to water):
- Dogs (always first on the list) and relevant equipment including backpack for Zoe, dog food, Power Bones (at least one per day per dog depending on activity), Rimadyl, Bactine, clapsabowls, dog treats, dog coats, etc.
- 2 2-liter Nalgene canteens (Nalgene's version of a dromedary bag)
- Camelbak, which one I take depends on the intended trip
- tool box containing basic nesessary tools, fluids, jumper cables, strap, and only additional items that I think I may be likely to need, Nissan shop manual and/or Haynes. The tool box is pretty pared down, and a bit selfish too. I know pretty much every size nut on the truck (10mm, 13mm, 14mm, 15mm, 19mm, 22mm) so I only bring those size wrenches and sockets. That alone saves a lot of weight and space.

If I plan to be car camping rather than backpacking:
- 7 gal. water container
- camp chair
- small general purpose table for food prep, mechanical repairs (car or boat), wetting out fiber glass, etc. It measures about 11x17 and stands about 4" high
- hammock (this is a new addition, brought it once but have not used it yet)
- cooler for food/water
- blanket(s) for the dogs to lay on
- if high temperatures are expected, a second cooler for camera equipment and laptop.

Pretty much everything is geared for lightweight and small, though I am slowly adding expedition/car camping equipment to the list.


I have a list that I have used for years which I update occassionally, but I cannot post it because it is bigger than allowed by the file attachment manager (although it is only a single page of 20kb .pdf or 44kb .doc).

Edit: Will send a copy to Scott. The list is specific to me, but could be altered to suit anyone. Each time I go on a trip, I print a copy of the list and check the required items. Some lines have choices and I cross out what is not needed. When the items are loaded in the truck, I check them again on the list. I keep a great deal of stuff in my truck on a regular basis, so not all I carry is listed. There are lines for add'l items provided.
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I have a Word doc that is about 52kb. I can't attach it, so I will email it to Scott.

Scott gave me his list a while ago, and I used that as a platform to make my list (thanks Scott!). It is a "unisex" list, so for those of you that want to make sure I brought my skirts and panties like I have on my list, please don't ask... :D

On most trips, only about 1/2 of the items actually get taken on a trip, but I like to have a comprehensive list and just cross off the stuff I don't want/need. That makes it very diversified for different types of trips.


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Mine is fairly similar but more vehicle specific (since it's the one I use for the VW Westy). I alter what I'm carrying depending on the season and/or whatever activities I plan to engage in (paddling, mt. biking, climbing, etc). Yeah, I can actually fit most of this stuff in the bus with a little effort and yes, I really carry two wine glasses; I love a glass of wine with dinner- a dash for the food, a glass for me :friday:.

It's an Excel spreadsheet file so it can be modified easily- if anyone wants a copy just let me know. I'll try scanning it and posting it as a JPEG though.
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Holy crap... you guys bring more stuff camping with you than I own all together.

I am VERY simplistic, and the reason I go exploring/camping is to step back in time and get away from all this crap (technology mainly). My typical adventure is usually 3 days. Here is the stuff I usually bring

-sleeping bag
-foldup chair
-small aluminum foldup table
-backpack with some clothes and toothpaste/toothbrush
-small 4 ft fishing pole with some flies and some crankbait
-my "kitchen in a bag" which is a small single burner coleman backpacking
stove, small bowl and mini knife/fork/spoon. It all fits into a small (8"x5") bag

I don't do many week+ trips like you guys. My longer trips are usually backpacking for 1-2 weeks somewhere outside the country. If I took longer trips in my truck I would probably have to bring some extra stuff.


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Like I said, it depends on which vehicle, where I'm going, for how long, etc. My list is just so that I can run over it and see what I might need- actually, a lot of that stuff stays in the bus (i.e. cookware, some camping gear) and some I've never carried (i.e. a dishtowel, firewood). Obviously no need to carry paddling gear if you’re not going paddling, biking gear if you’re not pedaling, etc. A lot of it is travel sized too. It's a list I modified from another friend's.

In the Tacoma, I rarely carry much.

I will say that I really like carrying my 12V Waring blender to bus campouts though! Smoothies in the morning and margaritas at night.