Post Van Parts For Sale Here please


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SOLD...FREE- Ford van REAR POP out windows- Springfield, Illinois
I'm giving away a set of rear pop out windows, they came out of a 1999 or 2000? I have all the hardware
Pick up only in Springfield, Illinois 62704
Just giving back to everyone who takes the time to post helpful info.i opened the bags they were in and found out I got the whole frame. I feel stupid..I posted earlier that I had no gasket D5364726-9FEF-4377-B60E-7C18390F6A06.jpeg94366DC0-901C-4F45-A99F-8699EEAD0C50.jpeg

I would ship,not sure if they would be in one piece....

Thanks, Ben
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Used, power, passenger side OEM towing mirror. In excellent condition...except it was damaged in shipping. The trim around the base was cracked and one if the bolts was bent slightly. I have the pieces that broke off if you want to fix it. $20 + actual shipping.

Still have the mirrors? If so, shipping to 90250?

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Captain's Chairs - Middle Rows from Honda Odyssey


I picked these up from Craigslist, looking to replace my van's front seats. They're very comfy, but with the wider seat-bottom, they don't quite fit with the passenger-side swivel in my Astro van. (Bolsters will hit the b-piller when trying to swivel, unless I got through a bunch of steps to slide, pivot, slide, pivot). Rather than finish the project to weld-up new adapter bases just to introduce a new hassle, I'm going to stick with my OEM seats for now.

I've seen these used by Vanagon owners on too. $200 for the pair!

More photos:

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On the hunt for a used penthouse top. I know it’s a big wish but figured I’d throw it out there and wait. Can’t afford a ccv top at the moment.


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On the hunt for a used penthouse top. I know it’s a big wish but figured I’d throw it out there and wait. Can’t afford a ccv top at the moment.
Scour craigslist, etc. for salvage and high-mile vans, too. That's how I got my GTRV top - an automated search I had running popped somebody selling a beat-to-**** 380,000km camper in Vancouver. I bought it cheap, drove it to San Diego, transplanted all the goodies to a newer van, and sold the rest for scrap value.
Road master #3611 active suspension for 1973-2007 E-350

Where are you located? Any idea on comparability between e350 and e250? I have a 2003 e250 and the roadmaster website is saying my kit # would be 3612.... but everything else else in the rear suspension is transferable between the e250 & e350, so I'm assuming it would work (just might need to compare weight ratings between the two).


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In near Reading PA. I could ship them though.

I’m not sure what the difference would be, make the spring is a different spec? But it’s adjustable so I would assume it could work. Maybe you could call them and see if they could tell you.


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