Post Van Parts For Sale Here please


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The local junkyards have plenty of pop out Ford windows if anyone is interested.
Clear and bronze colored glass.
Ace pull a part and go pull it in Jacksonville, FL.
I'd offer to get them and ship but I fear shipping the glass...


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have a trac lok oem diff from a 03 c2 semi float axle. removed before turning old axle in to get my core charge back. zero complaints about how it worked. in fact super impressed with how good it did work. just upgraded to a sterling full float lsd setup and no longer need it stinking up my garage.

no idea its value. pm me offers. willing to ship, but its heavy....


I have a buncha parts accumulating; I'd love to see them go to another van and be out to good use.

Seat swivels for a 75(?)-91 Econoline, both passenger and driver.

Rear speaker harness pulled from a 92-08 passenger van; harness goes from behind drivers seat to rear doors, and pigtails for passenger side 60/40 doors.

Rear fixed glass (driver and passenger side) and both 60/40 fixed windows

Stock radio

Contractor shelving I pulled from mine prior to the start of my build

One-piece heavy duty vinyl flooring with underpadding; looks like a stock piece

Shoot me a PM or reply in here if anything sounds interesting or you have questions; it's all just taking up space in my garage right now.

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For Sale Ford Sportsmobile Pop Top. RB Regular Body, not extended. Was taken off for a CCV top. Located in Denver,Co



I've got a complete OEM front end available from a 7.3 E350 Mini-Mod Ambulance. Removed for my 4x4 conversion. 57,000 miles at time of removal. Everything but maybe the coils is too heavy to ship, but I'm located near Rochester NY if anyone in the area wants anything. If anyone is interested, PM for details/pictures and we can work something out.

I'll have all 4 wheels (plain old 8x6.5 steelies) up for grabs soon, only the fronts are off for now. Tires hold air and have decent tread but are starting to dry rot.

I'll be heading up to Maine next month, and could deliver to VT, NH, ME, and probably MA, if anyone in that area would like something/anything.


2 newish stock front seats from 2013 econolines for sale in north county San Diego. 100 for the pair. They have really nice seat covers on them as well. Slider base included Pm me if you want them.


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Does anyone know the differences in the EB vs RB Penthouses? Length and that is it or would there be mounting issues using a RB top on a EB?