Post up your drawer/storage system


Thanks guys! My buddy just did a tailgate conversion on his TJ. It was one of the first projects I did on the LJ. I'll ask around....
You called it on the kit too, it's a swag setup. Easy to install!

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Have been designing a storage drawer system for my T4R for a couple of months now and this is what I have come up with. Kitchen is good size as it seems I am always the cook for whichever group I wheel with. The drawers and the kitchen are the same size so if you are just going for a quick run you can take out the kitchen and put another drawer in its place. As you can see there is a large table under the drawers and built into the drawer carcass. This is removeable and has 3/4" threaded gas pipe legs that will screw into plate mounts that are reccessed into the table top. The kitchen also has the same threaded gas pipe legs with reccessed plate mounts in the bottom of the kitchen box. The kitchen will have running water via a 12v sub. pump in a 5gal can with a faucet. I will also be adding to the front of the storage drawer carcass to create the sleeping platform as I will be living out of the truck for four months of the year now for work until I get a trailer setup.

Hi hicntryflyguy,

Your design concept looks awesome. Did you ever get to build it?
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Just about finished with my storage system I just built. I have 2 greyhounds that ride in the truck with me so I needed a storage system that was as short as possible so that the dogs could comfortably stand up in the back. The first iteration was just a simple 2 compartment platform and I just shoved all the gear in and it was a pain in the butt to have to pull everything out to look for a specific item. I would have loved to have found some rubbermaid bins that fit but because of the height of the platform I wasn't able to find any plastic bins that were shorter than 3" I decided I wanted to come up with something new that incorporated a fridge slide for my new ARB fridge. Here's what I came up with:

On the left side under the fridge I have a small drawer that will hold small items that I don't want to dig around for like flash lights, zip ties, tire gauge, tire deflators. I also put in a drawer light that lights up the drawer in case i need to find something when it's dark out. The reason for the drawer to be short is that the tool set I have was too tall to fit in the drawer so it now resides behind the drawer. Beneath the drawer I have a small coleman camp table if it's needed.

I used some Heavy duty drawer slides that supposedly are able to support 400lbs as a fridge slide.

The right hand side has a full length drawer where I can put things like more gear ties, fold up shovel, tire repair kit, recovery strap, recovery shackles. Instead of drawer slides I used UHMW strips so I could take full advantage of the width.

Beneath the right hand drawer I put in a pull out table for a quick lunch or something.

I don't really have any during the build but here's a couple taken in the garage when I was putting it all together:

I still need to put the fridge tie downs on but my favorite part of the build is probably the push button latches :elkgrin:

Now that the storage system is complete I can start the next project which will be a camp kitchen/chuck box.

In the end I would have liked to have deeper drawers but this way the dogs are happy and if needed I can still fold down the seats and load up the back with cargo

Here are a pic of said dogs:
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Below is a picture of my sleeping platform + storage in my 2008 Tacoma AC + long bed. It's relatively simple, just two ribs framed almost as if it were a wall in your house nearly 16" on center with 2x4s turned sideways and 1x2s forming the header and footer. If a 2x4 wall can hold up my roof, it can also hold up my fat butt + gear I carry on a trip. Currently, the platform is cut in 1/3 + 2/3 sections but I will soon cut it into almost equal thirds. This makes it so I can easily remove the platform and store the whole thing tucked away beside the beer fridge in the garage.

I also opted to not do a full-length drawer (or two). This was because I thought about it and decided that if I had drawers, I would just divide them into 4+ compartments, so why not just buy 4+ "compartments" and forget lugging around 30+ extra pounds of weight of plywood to build a full-length drawer. The solution I found is that the Cub Packs from Front Runner fit perfectly under the sleeping platform. I can fit 5 in the center channel under the platform and 1 on each side of the channel before the wheel wells. 7 "compartments" that hold a lot of stuff and only weigh 3lbs/each is a pretty good setup for not having to build a full-length drawer system.

You might ask how I reach the tubs in the very back of the 6' bed. That's easy - I took a 1x8, put a cleat on the front and back and place the tubs on top of it. Now I have an easy "extension" slide that lets me pull out all of the tubs at once. I plan to use this same setup to tuck my hi-lift jack, shovel, axe and other long random stuff on one side of the center channel beside the wheel well.



I like the simplicity. The cleat is a good idea too. Currently I have a simple platform. Grabbing stuff at the front of the bed can be a pain. The clear would solve that.