Post up your drawer/storage system


I tried the washers. I'm a bit OCD so the noises are very quiet but I know they exist. I'd like to get out more often, believe me!!


Here's my setup and what's inside -

Action Packer #1:
(2) Quarts Mobil 1 10W30
(1) Quart Amsoil 75W90
(1) Quart Amsoil ATF
(1) Gallon 50/50 Coolant
DOT3 Brake Fluid
Brake Parts Cleaner
Grease Gun
Mobil 1 Grease
High Temperature RTV
JB Weld
Red/Blue Lock Tight
Fluid Tube

Action Packer #2:
Blue Paper Towels
Latex Gloves
Garbage Bags
5'x5' Drop Cloth
Toilet Paper
Terry Towels
Wire Ties
Bailing Wire
Duct Tape
Assorted Mini/Regular Fuses
32oz Spring Water

Action Packer #3:
12V Air Compressor
12V Drop Light
First Aid Kit
Spare Serpentine Belt
Spare Universal Joint*
Spare Tie Rod End*

ARB Recovery Bag #1:
ARB 2"x30' Snatch Strap
ARB 2"x10' Tree Protector
ARB Speedy Seal Tire Puncture Repair Kit
ARB Tire Deflator
Assorted 3/4" D-Rings
Recovery Gloves

ARB Recovery Bag #2:
Pittsburgh Socket Set
Phillips/Flat Screw Drivers
Channel Locks
Regular Pliers
Needle Nose Pliers
Diagonal Cutters
L/M/S Adjustable Wrenches
Pipe Wrench
Vice Grips
Extendable Magnet
Utility Knife
Tape Measure
Mini Sledge Hammer
Cold Chisel
Flat Chisel
Safety Glasses
Spare Swaybar Clips
Spare Lug Nuts
Lug Nut Key

Miscellaneous On-Board:
Asus Nexus 7 Tablet
Streamlight Stinger Flashlight
Kiddie Fire Extinguisher
20' Tow Strap
Jumper Cables
Tow Plug Adapter
How do the action packers come out? Clean setup!


Back seat storage for our F150

Looking for a little more storage space. Removed the back seat and built this. As you can see in the pics, I've only begun to install the aircraft seat rails to mount stuff. I'll add pics as the arrangement progresses. But at least the basic framework is done.

It's a thinwall steel frame with aluminum diamondplate. And a net at the ceiling for light items.

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Every Mile- I applied a sticky-back foam strip @ on the aluminum to where it makes contact with the steel frame.

No modification was done to the truck to install this. It's completely mounted to the seat and seatbelt mount points.

Every Miles A Memory

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That should probably keep it from vibrating. I tried to make something once out of two various metal pieces and riveting them together and the rattling drove me insane after a few months


Got some stuff installed...

I got a bit of equipment installed on my back seat storage rack.

I know that's not how that bracket was meant to be used but it works better that way for me...



I'm very fortunate that my wife loves our truck/camper and is always traveling with= precious cargo= no stupid people tricks= always safe

It's one of those Rampage cans with drawers, makes a good tool box.