Post up your drawer/storage system


Or, cut a dado down each side and rear panel to fit the base, then glue and nail (or screw) the base to the side panels. That would be super strong.
Yes. This is really the best way if you are using ball bearing drawer slides. I am currently testing a prototype I made like this using 1/2" baltic birch and have had over 120 pounds of cast iron barbells bouncing around in it since November. This is also a bit of a torture test as it only has 100 pound drawer slides.

If using plastic strips for drawer "slides" (like a certain Australian manufacturer), then screwing the drawer bottom from underneath is very strong because the drawer and all the weight of what is in it will rest directly on the plastic strips. While this method is actually more "interior space-efficient", the drawback is that you will not have full extension of the drawer box . . . well, until it falls out.


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thats a very neat set up!
When making drawers is it best to sit the sides of the drawer on the floor (and screw up from underneath) or fit the floor of the drawer between the sides (and screw in sideways) - if you see what I mean? :)
dont fight gravity, and avoid sheer.

the Rewster

Nice - what swing away is that? It has many of the features I am looking for.
I am not sure, it was on the jeep when I bought it. Custom 4x4 or Custom off road. Something like that.
I have modified it as I saw fit. Very little of the original design is left.


I finally finished getting the rails and tie downs mount on my DIY kit. The manufacturer shall remain nameless as I am still owed money/product on the deal. For safety sake lets call him ***field that's to obvious. How about war***** offroad. Either way the cabinet turned out good and I'm happy with with the quality. Its an 97 LX450 or fancy Landcruiser.

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What do you carry everyday?

I have:
Behind the seat: blanket, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, convertor, safety triangle, rain gear, owners manuals and jacks.
In the net in the cap: 2 Camp pillows, extra shirts, sun hats, sun shade, reusable shopping bags and clothes pins to dry cycling gear.
In the Boxes:
Box A: Kitchen - camp stove, pots, fuels bowls, plates, plastic silverware, big bowl, dish soap, paper towels, TP, energy bars, instant coffee, hot chocolate, sunscrean, bug repellant and 3 LED flashlights. (a lot of that was left over from cyclocross season for the family)
Box B: Long Stuff - Hiking pole, 2 umbrellas, PVC poles to hold open the glass when camping or the sun screen is on, a camp chair, tripod, sun screen canopy.
Box C - Often Used Tools - 2 sets of gloves, tool set, bike tools, cable and lock, Surfer Poncho (for changing in parking lots) extra ball cap
Box D - Other tools and misc. air compressor, flip flops, repair manual for truck, bike pump, jumper cables, tow strap, shackle, wood block needed for jack, rope, 2 qts of water and a mat to stand on when changing or washing off in the woods.
These are my boxes, set up for carrying a bike and for sleeping

I know this seems like a ton of stuff, but I have used every piece of the gear at least once in the last 6 months.

The reason I pulled it all out is I am thinking of cutting the boxes down an inch for a little more head room and make the end boxes into drawers so I can pull them out when camping, lay a board over them, giving me 6 feet to sleep on.


I have finished my drawers in the back of my Disco 1, having studied this great thread and learned alot from it.
Ny need to make it removeable, retain the rear seats (for kiddie transport) and the rear door mounted storage bins meant that the effective length I had to work with was only 700mm.
I also needed to keep space above them for storage of my larger work tools, meaning my overall height was restricted to 230mm. Above the tools is a metal shelf that replaced the standard roll out tonneau cover, and this is where my dog spends the day! :)

Trial fit...

First drawer made:-

It was a bit harder that I expected to be honest, the need to work to tight tolerances to be sure the drawers were square and would fit the runners was quite tricky.

Under-drawer side out shelf:-

Carpeted and finished:-

The shelf just runs in 1/2 inch aluminium "C" channel, and is built to the bottom of the drawer so that when the drawer is opened it wont knock everything off the shelf.

The right hand and has a lift up access door:-

There is more storage under there for stuff I need less often.

The drawer runners are 50kg ones from my local DIY store, latch handles and wood came from a mate :)

Overall drawer length (internal) is about 630mm, and width 410mm, quite pleased overall :)
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