Post up your drawer/storage system


Banana boxes.​

  • Robust​
  • Fit/remove in seconds​
  • Free​
  • Light​
  • Recycled​
  • Non-rattling​
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This reminds me of my first cross-country move. My dad worked in a grocery store and got me about 20 boxes from frozen turkeys, because they were really heavy duty. I drove from the northeast into the so-cal desert in June. Upon arrival I found that all the glue in the boxes had melted and I now had all of my belongings loosely separated by cardboard dividers in the back of an old Chevy! It was just great...

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A while back I started looking to better organize the cargo area of my 3rd Gen to make getting ready for camping trips a little easier. I spent a lot of time combing thru forums to get ideas, but having some cabinetry background I wasn't a total fan of an all wood build. After doing some research on different materials I landed on Aluminum Extrusions and set out to design a drawer system for my 3rd Gen 4Runner. I wanted it to be as light as possible, be able to hold several hundred pounds and be configurable (to a degree).

So I dusted off my CAD skills and went to work. But a funny thing happened as the months ticked by I realized I was designing something that took minimal tools to assemble, didn't require an advanced skillset to construct and was sort of modular with a lot of possibilities for adding additional features (ie, sleeping platform, anchor systems, etc). With the help of a buddy and his CNC Machine I came up with this DIY Kit for the 3rd Gen 4Runner.

Are you going to manufacture it? Looks great!


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Will be going into my 2004 sequoia

Got the box drawn up. Once built the box, I can do the drawer. With one big drawer. Open spot will be for a fridge on custom aluminum slide out. Open spot behind it will be for a 10 gallon water tank for my heated water system (similar to the one in my tundra).

Base and top will be 1/2
Walls will be 3/4

Probably use plywood and carpet. See how I like it. Than depending on its weight I may build another one out of aluminum frame and thin wood walls

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Nothing too fancy and still a work in progress. Ripped out the second iteration of my Jeep storage in favor of dual slides. Set up works well for me and I’m really liking the @frontrunner shelf.

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This is exactly what I am hoping to build for my 200 Series. (everyday driver so I want to easily remove when I am not in the dez)