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A while back I started looking to better organize the cargo area of my 3rd Gen to make getting ready for camping trips a little easier. I spent a lot of time combing thru forums to get ideas, but having some cabinetry background I wasn't a total fan of an all wood build. After doing some research on different materials I landed on Aluminum Extrusions and set out to design a drawer system for my 3rd Gen 4Runner. I wanted it to be as light as possible, be able to hold several hundred pounds and be configurable (to a degree).

So I dusted off my CAD skills and went to work. But a funny thing happened as the months ticked by I realized I was designing something that took minimal tools to assemble, didn't require an advanced skillset to construct and was sort of modular with a lot of possibilities for adding additional features (ie, sleeping platform, anchor systems, etc). With the help of a buddy and his CNC Machine I came up with this DIY Kit for the 3rd Gen 4Runner.

DECKED makes toolboxes for trucks. And Dirk DECKMAN is a truck guy. He's like you, a Man of Action. And when it comes to having a lot of action, you need a way to keep your truck nice, neat and organized. So check out your favorite truck accessory at DECKED.

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Since the Covid lockdown kicked in, I've been working on a fridge and drawer slide for the 100. I've had a drawer system before, in my 80. I knew what I liked about it and what I didn't like about it. I'm pretty happy with this one, I think. I had a Dissent rear bumper with swingout on the last truck, so easy access required keeping it in the second row. No swingout on this truck, so I moved it to the rear. I only wanted one drawer at least 8 inches deep and a fridge on a slide so we could reach in with the tailgate down. The fridge slide is on a 28 inch locking slider and the drawer is on a 36 inch locking slider. All are heavyweight slides. Drawers and carcass are made from 1/2 inch baltic birch. Drawer bottom is 3/8 inch plywood, and fridge slider top is doubled 3/8 inch plywood. Most joints are blind rabbets, which took some learning on my part. All slides are attached with 1/4 inch tee nuts. I didn't think wood screws would be strong enough. I can install/remove it in approximately 15 minutes or so. Total weight is 93 pounds (without the fridge and cargo deck). Fridge is secured with L-track. I'll be adding 1/4 inch ply dividers to the drawer and a handle. I'll have to wait until it cools off to seal it. Haven't decided on polyurethane or the gallon can of black monstaliner I've been holding onto for over a year.

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My TJ storage system.
I started out buy buying an ARB fridge and slide out, I knew I'd needed a rack above it so I bent up and welded a bunch of EMT conduit...

Strapping down everything with ratchet straps was a PITA so I had Adventure Tool Company make me a custom bag for my rack...

I then bought this drawer because it sort of fit. Had to do a little cutting and fiddling to make it work...

I came with some lame plastic cutting board...

That wasn't going to fly...

...much better...

The convenience of having all your stuff organized makes setting up and breaking down camp so much easier.

Heads up fellow drawer enthusiasts!

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