Post up your drawer/storage system


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Looks like you have a 150Ah 24v setup with the LiFePO4 cells, or did you run series-parallel for 300Ah at 12v?

How do you like those cells? And do you use a bms?


Here's my 85% solution; the sleeping platform is done with fridge installation where the center seat was. Driver's side second row seat is folded down and I have a storage door installed in that area. Passenger side is getting the fresh water tank, gray water tank for hot water heater/showers and 2nd battery with solar on the Power Distribution Panel (PDP). PDP will have the accessory fuse box, solar controller/charger, etc.. for all of those goodies.

The under platform in the back is currently getting a single slider that will house my removable organizer boxes (FR Wolf/Cub Packs) and quick access bags behind the tailgate for the various configurations of trips; the bags are the tan squares and will be velcro'd on the back panel for quick installation/removal.

Work in progress but getting there. Please disregard the dimensions of my chicken-scratch drawings. lol

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Looks great! What material did you use? Thanks.
Looks great! What material did you use? Thanks.
Thanks a million!

Custom welded aluminum frame; mostly 1" square and a few larger at the base. The frame is super light and came out pretty much the way I wanted it thanks to my buddy's fab skills.

The top is King Starboard; it's used in most marine applications and will outlast the vehicle by about 6000 years. The downfall is that Starboard is heavy, heavier than plywood for sure, but less maintenance and more durable IMO. Since I shaved so much weight on factory LR weight cutting, I could afford a few pounds in the rack and still come in nicely. Once the slider is complete, I'll take it all out and weigh the final product.

All of my projects, weights, specs, etc are on my build page!


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Finally put the drawers and fold out bed extension in this evening.
Still got a couple of things to tidy up but really happy with how it has turned out considering it has been built on my kitchen floor.
I’ve got loads of photos of the build because I’ve not done anything this involved before and have been making loads of notes from the point of view of a newbie so when I get chance I’ll upload that and put a link to it.



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I’ve got some van lining carpet left and wondering whether I should use it to line the inside of the two drawers or maybe just cover the drawer bases.
Has anyone any thoughts on carpet lined drawers?
I know drifta like them and they’re pretty clued up on how best to build drawers.
I’m thinking it would help cushion the contents when it’s bouncing around while off roading but not sure if the carpet will be hard to clean if anything spills in there or whatever. I’m probably going to use some sort of packing cubes bags in the drawers to organise stuff though.

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I did take the suggestion on board but decided to go with stuck down carpet for three reasons.

I wasn’t sure that I’d always have enough stuff in the drawers for them to hold carpet in place that wasn’t firmly stuck in place.
Someone suggested that bags and things can be stuck in place by adding Velcro to the bottom of them to stick them to the carpet lining, and I thought this might work better if the carpet wasn’t firmly stuck in place.
With the carpet stuck in place, the drawers look really tidy and I like the look.

I’ll probably keep a couple of bags or something in the drawers so that if I do need to put anything dirty in the drawers that wouldn’t be able to go in a packing cube/bag then it can go in one of these bags instead to help keep the carpet looking reasonable.



Got my own storage build going on at the moment - still a WIP, but when finished it will accommodate 50l water, pump, fridge with tilt or drop slide, etc... having fun learning as i go!