Post pictures of your Land Rover.


Getting used to it in the snow.

it’s snowed on and off all day so some areas have 8+ inches which for us is a lot.
It’s no D3 but it’s still surefooted and could climb up/down hills without issue.

command shift into 1st is low enough for decent engine braking for the steep hills.


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I know it's not much, but here's my latest Rover: 2004 D2 with approximately 105k miles. Started off as a non-runner that was destined for the scrap yard. While OK, my aunt and uncle got fed up with maintaining it and were basically letting it rot away in their driveway. With the help of some individuals that I've since become lucky enough to call my friends (Hi Joe! - His truck is the black D2), it's come back to life.

Since "inheriting" it, I've (or rather Joe and Ben) have done: head gaskets, top end gaskets, Magnecor wires, new coils, new plugs, new Bosch fuel pump, upgraded water pump, new pulleys, EBC rotors and pads, extended brake lines, Terrafirma 3+ HD lift and steering damper (still not installed), Shitpart front winch bumper and steel rear bumper, Warn 9.5 CTI winch, Tom Woods DS, Lucky8 Snorkel (eBay Chyna special), (2x) Hella 500's - wired to OEM foglight switch, shuttle valve replacement for 3 Amigos, new windshield cowl, heated seat panel upgrade, Kalahari wheels and (5x) Goodyear Duratracs (265/75/16). Due to the way this truck has been handed around the family, I also installed the rear light guards and ladder which were take-off items from my 2003 D2. It may get a roof rack in the future and the Kalaharis re-done, but for the most part it's complete. My main concern now is keeping it reliable and addressing a rust hole (more like crater) that has formed at the rear sunroof.


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