Post pictures of your Land Rover.



Still enjoying the little freeby.

heated steering wheel is now my favourite thing for winter.
38mpg is also rather nice.
Going in next week for a service, haldex service and diff oils changed.

just waiting on my final bits arriving them rebuilding my FR slimline 2 rack from my Disco 3 onto it.
Then it’s finding other bits in time for it.


I picked this one up a month or so ago. Pics are from a way-too-short tour of Alabama Hills on the way home. This rig may already be in this thread, i wouldn't be surprised if the previous owner was active on the forum.
2008 HSE Lux, seems to have been very well cared for. We are enjoying it very much aside from a bit of a shock at the poor fuel economy. Feels like a little bit of a bummer that it's slower, smaller and gets worse fuel mileage than the Yukon it's replacing, but it sure is a lot cooler and more fun and interesting.20201212_070118.jpg



Went to explore with bunch of rovers.
they all did great, P38 is a tank,
But that stupid crossover AKA discovery made us turn around 3 times, what a junk,

places where p38 or Le3/4 went without even wheel spin the discovery was struggling to even go forward 🤦‍♂️ We had to turn around.
those little Discovery sports are great on-road and bad weather trucks, but as you can see no bueno when it gets tough.