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Some more progress.

the lower doors had to be sadly replaced.
They were badly cut up when the old hinges were fitted.
Previous builder fitted 86/88” top door hinges. To both top and bottom of the 80” door.
So they got replaced with correct 80” doors, hinges and cappings.

The dash is coming together.
Correct steering column support, modified to take the 2a column, and the dash pod and grab handle as fitted.

the pod has been mounted wrong way round which will be corrected.

soon we will roll it out, and then turn it around to sort the drivers side.

As an aside.

this is how it was build, back in the late 70s/ early 80s.
Trialing was and is big in U.K. clubs, it’s also how many older series cars survived as they were converted to trials cars over being scrapped.
This is Monty back in his glory days, and how the years of competition left him.
Please note, the home made bulkhead and the 2a screen and door tops and roof.

that’s all been cut off and removed to make it look like a correct 80” again.

The end goal of the restoration is to bring it back to a period correct 70s/80s 80” trials car look.