Post pictures of your Land Rover.


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Kids What did we learn today?
We learned that in California, you can surf, and snowboard in the same day even In August.
Red LR4 has 220.000 miles on it and still runs like new, air suspension failed during one of the hard trails, but thankfully it came back up after about 20 min.
What trail was this? Been planning a trip to the eastern sierras now the the snow has melted. I will starting at Monache Meadows area and heading up to Mammoth exploring areas like Buttermilk, Coyote Flat, Laurel lakes ect on the way up.

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Just lighting, it's alpine white. The photo was late in the day. It is incredibly clean, only 60k original miles and due for a Fall road trip!

My dream LWB would have been a Cornish Cream LSE. I actually knew of one that a local club member owned. When I inquired about it, I had missed it by months and you'll never guess where it went - cash for clunkers o_O

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