Post pictures of your Land Rover.


Some pics from travels through Australia's Northern Territory and Cape York Peninsula from late last year. I'm only able to upload 10 images per post so these are just random pics, the ones which successfully uploaded first.

Wreck of a WWII C-47 near Higgins Field, near Bamaga, Cape York

One of only two other ex-army Rovers encountered during the whole half-lap of Australia. This one spotted at Normanton in Australia's Gulf of Carpentaria country.

Fuel and water drums carried. Note the military underslung dual jerrycan carrier hanging down under the car. It winches up and sits where the spare wheel goes.

My base camp on one of the aircraft hardstands at the WWII Gorrie airstrip south of Darwin. I was here for a few days working, so pitched the insect shelter to keep the ever-present little black flies at bay while I was working.

Wreck of a USAAF B17E bomber north of Weipa on Cape York.

First night of the trip, a swag camp on the banks of the Murrumbidgee River near Maude, NSW.

Corrugation-powered washing machine. PVC drybag filled with dirty clothes, water and wool wash chucked into the spare tyre carcass carried on the roof rack. By day's end, everything was nicely washed, and since you use wool wash, no need to rinse, thus saving precious water.

Awning out at my campsite at Loyalty Beach near the tip of Cape York. In the tropics, you can't beat a hammock. I simply park a hammock's distance away from a tree and sling the hammock between the vehicle's roll bar and said tree. The awning covers most of it, although I did get some rain at this campsite so rigged a poncho over the feet end of the hammock.

The big crocodile statue at Normanton in the Gulf Country. Measuring more than 8 metres in length, it is said to be a life-sized replica of one shot just down the road in 1957. Could be a tall tale or it could be fair dinkum, you never can tell up here ;-)
Thanks Swagman!

So the hard top fits over the ROPS?

How much taller is it with the hard top?

I've got garage door clearance issues :( and can't leave the camo net carrier on :(