Post pictures of your Land Rover.



Got the new Front Runner wind fairing for the D3.
Arrived Wednesday but work held up fitting.

Good bit of kit, have a 70 mile drive tonight so will be interesting to see how much of a difference to noise levels it makes.


I got mine from my front runner supplier.
Maverick4x4, but they are UK based.
Cost me £139 inc shipping, he even threw in one of the FR powder coating spray cans for free for me.
Fitting is as the link suggests.

Makes a MASSIVE difference to noise levels on the motorway. No more wind noise etc from the rack.

I’m very happy with it already after that 70 mile drive today with it fitted.


Yeah that was me.
Never got round to making the guide you made up due to buying a series 1 80” to fix up and use for off road fun.

So when I saw that was released I went for it.



No problem, just curious. I would have gone for the series as well. Looks like this one comes pre-dented. I kept my fairing away from the roof cause it vibrated, but it does cut down on the noise. Did, after watching a video on roof racks, discover that when the pieces run fore and aft that there is less noise from the wind than when they rune side to side.
Happy trails.


I still have your envelope and the tracing of your fairing.

I got offered the 80 at a price I couldn’t turn down. It’s been extensively modified for off road trials and has put the cage to full use in its past.

Last road worthy in 1994 but I wish to get it back on the road.
It’s Series 1 bodywork and chassis but a mix of Series 2 and 3 running gear. With racing seats and belts and a fuel tank under the rear tub between the chassis rails.

It’s a laugh to drive compared to the Disco but it’s still competitive and with fresh tyres and rebuilt leaf springs, it will continue to do so.