Post pictures of your Land Rover.


Ursäkta mig, jag kan inte läsa Norsk! (Tilgi meg, jeg kan ikke lese Norsk!)

Yes, lug nuts, and maybe the Salisbury rear end. A couple wheels look ok.


What happened?

That doesn't look like it was a fun ride. Was everyone ok?
I was alone in the truck, enroute home from Ladoga trophy 2011! Luckily I was left leg was broken at 8 places...but otherwice just OK! What happend....well my concentration for traffic slipped for a few seconds! This happend 2:40am.



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Wow, slog du något eller gjorde något slog dig?

I have always wondered what the side impact protection was for a Land Rover. Definately not up to Volvo standards. Jan- please post more details, if you can.

How fast were you going at impact? What did you hit / hit you?

Sov i din säng nästa gång :elkgrin:

Seriously though, I am glad to hear it was just a broken leg. Heal well.



Speed was app 50-60mph and trip ended in medium sized pine! Some rolls made too! I think....att least there were stuff from vehicle all over yha place! Front spring was ound 100y in the woods! :O
Resque boys needed an hour to cut me loose! Unfortunatelly drivers side ended down so it was quite difficult to get hends on me! :)

crash 8.jpg

this "buddy".....drivers door trashed my leg! So that much "side impact protection" is that! :)

crash 9.jpg

crash 7.jpgcrash 5.jpgcrash 6.jpg

sorry bad quality of pics...taken of by driver with cellular!

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That joy did not last that long! :( shes a donator now!

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now new bird is rising from ashes....! D1 V8 :D


Glad you're "OK" even though it sounds like you had to go through some Hell with those broken bones.

This is what she used to look like. :(


after many years of searching i got it!

sorry of "driveway" pic...more to come when we get out on adventure!