Post pictures of your Land Rover.

m3 bavaria


It was on LRX, right? I emailed the original owner but never really got much response out of him about it. Whats the rust like on it? 3.5 with LT95 4 speed or LT77 5 speed?
Yes it was. It's the 3.5 litre with a 4-speed. The rust is very minimal. There's slight discoloration of the pain in the door wells, and the tail gate well has slight discoloration.

Overall, given the age, I'd say that lack of rust is amazing.

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Yep, formerly yours. Newere 4.2 in it now. It started to overheat on night at a stop light, drank 100% of the coolant. Filled it up the next day and it drove like nothing happened (WTF?), but I never trusted it again. It did have a crack in a cylindar. Can't find the pick.

Now that I have another rover for the wife, the '93 will get some minor mods, but nothing like the old Disco.


Whew!! Diggin' on that Holland and Holland! That was ... what ... a 80K truck when new!


I know! Hard to believe that someone really shelled out that much cash for the vehicle. I got this one for my wife. LOL!!! I drives absolutely superb. I know that the P38 gets a lot of crap, but I really dig it too.



sadly the only pic i have of my old disco ii. (not me in the pic) i know its not a good pic... in fact this particular pic is saved on my comp under the title "Land Over" as it is a pic from when my head gasket blew. got it fixed but i no longer have it. but its still in the family. my mother and father always loved it so its theirs now but i have plans to reposes it in a few years hopefully. never ghot a chance to do any real mods to it though i did wheel here a few time rather hard for a stocker. i do miss it but not the repair costs haha.

Maryland 110

You said the LWB was your favorite? How so? I'm on the prowl for another truck, but I keep finding LWB trucks. My understanding was that they were less desirable...
??? First I have heard that. They tend to bring a re-sale premium over their shorter brethren. The larger 4.2 makes a substantial difference. I liked my lwb's more than the shorter trucks. I had an lwb and a NAS 90 @ the same time and drove the lwb way more than the 90. Sold them both when I bought my first 110.


WOOT for the 2door !!!

Nice two door.
Yes it is. Makes me want to get the poor guy painted. What tire size are you running? When I had the 235/75s on I was driving 45 miles each way to work, alternating between the 2dr and the series 2a. It wasn't the most economical commuting vehicle, but it was real comfortable. :smiley_drive: of course the 4.6 doesn't hurt. What don't you like about driving it?

Mike and Myles

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